Our Style Ambassador Carlifonia Presents Tuesday Motivation!

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Our Style Ambassador Carlifonia Presents Tuesday Motivation

We hope that you have been enjoying all our posts designed to help develop confidence and pursue any and all dreams! Not all whether male or female are born with positive vibes or a powerful outlook on life. Of course dressing the part so to speak is a great way to not only express yourself but to gain a more positive view of oneself. However, we believe it is more than just fashions or clothes that truly make the woman.

Our Style Ambassador for her post this week enlightened us on what helps her to view life as being amazingly golden. She explained,

“Though time can determine when [things are] to start and when it is time to let go, sometimes it does not. We live through time, but I make the decision to choose to pick up [or focus on] moments that present to me necessities of life, those being: Love, peace, hope and joy. Those things I choose to wake up to every day, every morning. Therefore, since I aim to love myself I am my own necessity of life #womenarepower.”

We absolutely love her view on life and we hope you have enjoyed it too! Of course, we have to touch on Carlfonia’s style for just a moment. Don’t you just love her pair of glasses! Many girls are afraid to dive into anything considered “geek chic” but take a page from our Style Ambassador’s fashion book and incorporate some edge into your look at the same time to still look effortlessly cool. Carlfonia chose to pair her glasses with a cute leather jacket and jeans. Be sure to check back next week from another post by Carlifonia and see more of her style via Instagram: @carlifonia_a.