OTR2 Tour Fashion: Beyonce Trends That Can Be Worn By Everyday Mortals

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OTR2 Tour

I want to look like Beyonce! Is something we here almost everyday. Well, ladies and gents here is your big chance! We are pulling directly from the OTR2 Tour fashion looks; in order to show you Beyonce trends that can be worn by us everyday mortals. Let’s get it!

OTR2 Tour Fashion: Beyonce Trends That Can Be Worn By Everyday Mortals

OTR2 Tour

1. Holographic Garments – Come on… Who doesn’t like to sparkle? The beauty industry is flourishing due to this psychedelic, dreamy spectrum of hues. Everything from lip gloss to eye shadow has received the holographic touch. Now, however, you can make the same fab impact with your clothing.

Holographic tone fashion is great because it can look causal or steamy sexy. It just depends on how you feel and what type of style statement you are aiming to make. From thigh high boots to bodysuits to even swimwear you cannot go wrong.

One of our favorite Holographic swimsuits comes via Matte Brand. The bikini top as well as bottom both separately retail for $35 each. Furthermore, you can choose to work it in a regular bottom or go all out in their Holographic bikini thong. OW!

OTR2 Tour OTR2 TourOTR2 Tour

OTR2 Tour Fashion: Beyonce Trends That Can Be Worn By Everyday Mortals (Continued)

2. Body Jewelry – Growing up it was all about toe rings, plastic tattoo chokers and the occasional belly ring. Well, loves welcome to graduation! Full body chains and jewelry are ruling the day; and they can make your outfit and curves look absolutely amazing.

OTR2 Tour

We love how Beyonce styled hers for the OTR2 Tour. Usually when thinking of body jewelry some may think its just for beach ensembles, lingerie night with the SO or that one “nightout” dress. However, body jewelry works perfectly even for more relaxed looks.

OTR2 Tour

For her latest tour with husband, Jay Z, Queen Bey showcases the accessory over denim shorts and a tee shirt. The finish is causally voguish. Fun, chic and effortlessly spell-binding.

OTR2 Tour Fashion: Beyonce Trends That Can Be Worn By Everyday Mortals -Last Up

OTR2 Tour

3. Face Masks – For once, do not listen to Future. We do not want masks off, we need them ON! We have spotted facial masks on numerous designer runways and at A-list red carpet events. Nevertheless, can this couture look work IRL (in real life)?

We say, why not! Of course, there is a time and place for everything, however, half the battle is confidence. That’s why the likes of Rihanna and Naomi Campbell can toss on a potato sack and make us all want it.

OTR2 Tour

To pull off the face mask look you HAVE to have a bit of a chip on your shoulder. This is because this accessory is extremely posh and edgy. If you don’t have the confidence to back it up it will look like you are playing a round of dress up. And last time we checked it’s not Halloween.

OTR2 Tour Fashion: Bonus Trend

OTR2 Tour

Okay, one more for the road. While it can be distracting because of all of Mrs. Carter’s sick dance moves, try getting a good look at Bey’s shoe game. It’s straight fire.

During her performances she is more known for her leotards; yet her shoes deserve some accolades too. We took note of her plastic clear boots that are obviously made for walking… and dancing. Furthermore, this sassy boot heel look is still trending can make your wardrobe choices even more stylish.


Want the look? We suggest the EGO Tasha Perspex Clear Ankle Boot which retails for an affordable $27. Which is great because just the other week they were going for $40. Savings!

OTR2 Tour OTR2 Tour

Also, if you want to pinch your fashion pennies even more head over to Forever 21. For just $23.99 you can own a pair of their Zipped Clear Stiletto Boots. Sizes run for 5.5 up to 10.

OTR2 Tour

Alright, that’s it! Enjoy working these trends and we’ll see on the next tour!

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