Serena William's Daughter Olympia Ohanian Youngest Vogue Cover Star Ever!

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Olympia Ohanian

We’re all used to mommy Williams breaking and holding records. However, now her daughter is already quickly following suit, at three months no less! Serena Williams covers the February 2018 edition of Vogue magazine along with her adorable bundle of joy; thus, marking another moment in Black Girl Magic Her-story. Serena William’s Daughter Olympia Ohanian Youngest Vogue Cover Star Ever!

Daughter Olympia Ohanian Youngest Vogue Cover Star Ever

Can we get a round of applause and three snaps in a “Z” formation for this momentous event? Serena is also just as excited over her new mag cover. Recently, she revealed two reasons why it feels so special. She says,

“When I first saw this Vogue magazine cover it brought tears to my eyes. Although [all] covers are special, but to share this one with my beautiful daughter, Olympia Ohanian also the youngest Vogue cover star, makes it a moment I will never forget. The article is a must read.

The best thing about my Vogue magazine cover was the one before it. The January issue with the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o; two amazing black women back to back is always exciting. Excellence!”

Olympia Ohanian

Great reasons coming from a great athlete! Speaking of greatness, want know just how iconic Serena Williams is in the history of tennis and sports? Here’s just a couple stats. At just 17, she won her first Grand Slam title. Moreover, she now holds 23 Grand Slam titles and is looking forward to breaking and setting the record for most titles which would be 25. Moreover, she holds 6 Longest winning streaks, 5 WTA Tour career earnings and oh yeah, four Olympic gold medals.

Nevertheless, even with that much accomplishment Williams is one of the most humble people you will come across. What keeps her so grounded? For Vogue Serena reveals,

“Women. They are so prominent, strong and vital to my life. My mom raised five women (one passed) and three grandchildren. I love this photo because we have a close bond.

This is what keeps me humble. They are not afraid to tell me anything, after all, I’m the youngest of five. I’m so happy Olympia has my mom as her grandma. Of course, she has Alexis’ stepmom as well, and I’m happy she has aunts like my sisters: Venus, Isha, Lyn and Alexis’sisters Amy and Hayley.

All women! Coincidence? I think not. She will fit right in.”

Olympia Ohanian

Serena William’s Daughter Olympia Ohanian Youngest Vogue Cover Star Ever

So then, there you have it. Family with a mix of humility can help anyone move up the success ladder. Nevertheless, there is one tiny person we have not heard from in regards to their Vogue accomplishment. Cutie pie Olympia Ohanian also shared her thoughts on her own Instagram account that already boasts over 200,000 followers. Olympia mentions,

“Check me out on my first Vogue cover. Well my mommy too, my daddy is in the article as well as my grandma and some of my aunties! Mom says to read the article. I can’t wait for my next one maybe one day. My mom and dad always tell me to dream big. But for now I am told I’m the youngest Vogue cover star ever at three months! Love you guys.”

Ugh… beyond cute! Get the full scoop on the Ohanian family in the February 2018 issue of Vogue. Reserve a copy for yourself right now on Amazon and

Editorial Details

Photography by Mario Testino

Styling by Tonne Goodman

Makeup by Tyron Machhausen

Hair by Vernon Francois

Olympia Ohanian

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