Obsession: The Nudes Collection by Louboutin

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Obsession: The Nudes Collection by Louboutin

The word “obsessed” only somewhat describes the feeling that we have towards the newest additions to The Nudes Collection by Louboutin. A designer brand has at last recognized the fact that nude is not one-dimensional. It is fashion color staple that should come in a variety shades to fit the numerous tones of women from around the world.

Obsession: The Nudes Collection by Louboutin2

The Nudes Collection by Louboutin is paving the way for more diversity in shoe wear. The ground-breaking collection is almost like looking at art. Whether you focus on one particular detail or the overall picture it is just simply beautiful. No woman is left behind or out of the picture. Regarding the collection Louboutin mentioned,

“A nude for every woman. This spring, two new hues join our Nudes collection to create a spectrum of seven suited to any skin tone, from porcelain to deep chocolate… Constructed from soft, flexible matte nappa leather, our new nudes mimic the feeling of skin, allowing the shoe to nearly disappear on the leg.”

Obsession: The Nudes Collection by Louboutin3

The Nudes Collection by Louboutin is amazing but brings to mind a few questions. What designs are apart of the luxury line and how much will it cost to own a pair or two? The collection is compiled of flats, pumps and stilettos. Allowing you to have the freedom and range to cover causal as well as formal attire. The collection ranges in price with flats being toward the lower end of the collection’s price point. Retail prices start at $595 going as high as $875 for various styles. The shoes are definitely splurge worthy and it always a pleasure to see all gorgeous tones being appreciated and catered to equally.

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