Nue x Orly Event -Fashion Hacks and Nail Design Tips!

Nue x Orly Event
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Nue x Orly Event


O to the M and G you guys! I had an absolutely amazing time at the Nue x Orly Event held today in a virtual space! Nue is a fast-growing celebrity fave that is helping women wear those “challenging” yet fabulous couture designs without fear of their girls not being supported; or the dreaded appearance of the bra strap. Nue is a breast tape that has been designed with ALL women in mind. Coming in a light, medium as well as dark skin tone range; so that every woman and girl can get seamless and well “hidden” results!


Nue x Orly Event 5


Some things that I learned about Nue is that coming down the pipeline is a travel version! YAY! Just think after things open back up, you will be able to look perfect even when faraway. Plus, this also means less chunky bras to have to pack. Winning!

Additionally, this tape works for boobs of all sizes! Of course, the smaller your size, the less tape you will need. But, it’s awesome to know that regardless of cup size, Nue’s Breast Tape can get the job done!



One other thing to keep in mind with this boobie tape is that it is not reusable. Once you use a piece, it must be tossed after. Nue says that this practice is more hygienic and that not reusing ensures you get top of the line support; each and every time you use it.

However, don’t allow the non-reusable factor to stop you from using Nue. Even after a taping up, you’ll still have SEVERAL more feet left. So you will still get tons of usage out of each and every box of tape.

Nue x Orly Event -Fashion Hacks and Nail Design Tips (Continued)

Let’s talk nails! The event today also included a demonstration on how various nail colors are made. Orly mixed up some gorgeous Nude tones to match Nue’s color scheme. They were all GORGEOUS! Especially, loved the chocolate-ty brown shade that was reminiscent of Nue’s dark breast tape hue. A very pretty color that’s perfect for Fall!



Nevertheless, after all the colors were created we learned how to do a nail art design using strips. Today’s Get the Look Nail Design was an Angled French Tip. Some helpful guidance we were given was:

•Always use a base coat to protect your nails from staining.

•Before applying strips to create designs (like the angled look), check to make sure your base coat is dry.

•Cut up all the tape/strips before painting your nails.


Nue x Orly Event


ORLY Nail Tape Insider- Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake!

BIG BIG BONUS TIP: Now you would think you would let everything dry before removing the nail tape. WRONG! You actually want to remove your strips way before that happens. Why?

Well, after painting on 2 coats (to achieve a more robust tone); pulling off the tape right away while the polish is still wet will ensure that your design is sharp and has clean edges. Meaning you’ll get more professional looking nails right at home! Thanks ORLY!

So as you can see much was learned today and it was a great event. We hope you’ll get some great use out the tips and hacks we picked up. Lastly, don’t forget to get you some Nue and Orly items. These rock star brands have the products you need to look stylish and amazing year round!