Nue Breast Tape for all Skin Tones-The Celebrity Secret To Going Braless!

Nue Breast Tape
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Nue Breast Tape


Do your girls hang low, do they wobble to and fro? Seriously, keeping our friendly melons, apples and plums in line and supported can be a REAL challenge. Especially, when the latest trendy fashions call for a bra that doesn’t seem to have been invented yet. There is a solution! A “Nue”way of supporting our ladies is with Nue Breast Tape; and it’s one of the hottest trends among your famous faves!

Nue Breast Tape for all Skin Tones-The Celebrity Secret To Going Braless

We always want to know the tips and tricks of what celebrities do to look and feel their best. For instance, one of Lizzo’s newest and coolest methods of how to go braless while making sure the girls feel supported is utilizing breast tape. And us women do well to take heed. Why?

Well, for one thing she is a fashion icon and true baddie; so who wouldn’t want to know her secrets? PLUS… the woman has to perform and do press ALL THE TIME, so she can’t afford to have a wardrobe malfunction. Therefore, if the breast tape trend can work and bear up under the pressure of her line of work, it can do wonders for you too!


Nue Breast Tape


This breast tape trend is not new (Google JLo Versace dress and you’ll see what we mean); but it is definitely helpful. Therefore, what’s one boob tape brand you should definitely try? You guessed it… Nue! Their fabulous product is the ultimate secret to going braless while at work, school or on vacation.

Nue is literally the best thing to replace bras while keeping those girls looking lifted as well as perky. So easy to use, with big amazing results that look great. As a result, women all over are taking the Nue breast tape plunge and are loving it!

Something else that we are loving about Nue is all the diversity. Nue’s breast tape comes in a variety of skin tone shades (yay!), created by founder Stephanie Montes. You can get your own box that fits you by selecting either Light, Medium or Dark.

Nue Breast Tape for all Skin Tones (Continued)

Nue is the perfect accessory that stylists add to their fashion kit to fit their client’s fashion needs. And makeup artists keep it too, in case their client needs a little support. Furthermore, Nue’s mission to lift women up goes far beyond replacing her bra. A percentage of all proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Woo!



Therefore, torch those bras! Okay… er… maybe not the Savage x Fenty’s (lol); BUT when the need, dress or shirt calls for a seamless look; reach for the Nue! You will be able to achieve the style and support you desire in no time. So go ahead, get ready to try something Nue just like your fave celebrities! Nue can be yours for $25.



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