Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Show and She's Paying More Tuitions!

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Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Show

Are you a huge Nicki Minaj fan? Well, today your queen shall be gracing your television. Catch Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Show today to see her in all of her fabulousness and holding a giant butt check (we will explain that). Nevertheless, if you can’t get to a TV in time we have a quick recap of what is all going down. Here’s our warning now, especially all of you on the west coast: expect spoilers!

Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Show and She’s Paying More Tuitions!

Okay, so remember when Nicki was on Twitter paying tuitions? A very kind gesture that helped out a ton of hard-working students. Well it looks like Nicki is still inspired by her previous act of paying it forward.

On The Ellen Show Nicki Minaj continued sharing her generosity. Ellen via social media talked all about this stating,

“Did you see The Ellen Show today? So grateful for the donation she made via Shutterfly for more kids to go to college! 25 thousand dollars! Love her!

Nicki told me she wants to start a foundation to help pay for kids’ tuition. I can get behind that.”

Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Show

Isn’t all of this great ladies?! 2017 is proving to be the year of helping young people build confidence and succeed. From black women like Octavia Spencer buying out theaters so that youths and individuals in black communities could take in the inspiring story of Hidden Figures. To Beyonce starting a scholarship program. Stars are giving back today in order to help shape a better tomorrow. Thank you Nicki for your kindness and we hope to see this trend continue in the future!

Fashion Notes: Minaj is always looking like a high-end designer’s muse. Today she rocked a corset as well as jacket by Alexander McQueen. Vintage skirt by Jean Paul Gaultier and some bad muh- (shut yo mouth!) heels by Tom Ford.

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Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Show