Black Hairstyles: Nicki Minaj Long Pink Braids for Motorsport Music Video

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Nicki Minaj Long Pink Braids

What happens when two of the biggest female hip hop artists in the game link up for what’s sure to be a Billboard charter? Music and fashion history! As 2017 wraps up we were already excited about this Nicki times Cardi B mash up; but then the undisputed Black Barbie hit us with the ultimate diva hairstyle! Hair down to there, boisterous hair color straight up with a braided twist. We weren’t ready Miss Minaj… but we are loving the Nicki Minaj Long Pink Braids for Motorsport Music Video.

Black Hairstyles: Nicki Minaj Long Pink Braids for Motorsport Music Video

Nicki Minaj Long Pink Braids

Throughout 2017 Nicki Minaj has been rocking some serious inches, just in different variations. Mainly, a change in hair color or hair texture. She’s had hair down to ground that’s been pink, wavy, blonde, raven black, blonde and black braids and straight with pink and blonde coloring. Truly a hair chameleon.

Nevertheless, now the super long braids are back with a pink remix. In the Motorsport music video Nicki can be seen flipping, flicking and swinging her braids to and fro. The hair definitely adds a more dramatic element to her performance. Simply fierce!

Nicki Minaj Long Pink Braids

The Nicki Minaj Long Pink Braids were created by celebrity hair stylist, Kim Kimble along with pro stylist, Kendra Garvey. Kimble has been behind some of the amazing hairdos seen on Zendaya, Laverne Cox, Mary J. Blige, Oprah, Naomie Harris and Beyoncé.

Nicki Minaj Long Pink Braids -Haircare and Maintenance

Nicki Minaj Long Pink Braids

Thinking about taking the long braid plunge like Nicki? Braids can be a great protective hairstyle, but still require some care and maintenance. Here are a few quick tips to make sure your braid experience will be top notch.

1. The day before your braiding session deep condition your tresses so that hair is at it’s strongest.

2. Protect your hair at night with a scarf or silk pillowcase to cut down on damage caused by friction.

3.Wash your braids and scalp well at least every two weeks.

4. Keep locks well moisturized with a spray on leave-in conditioner or specially formulated braid spray. These products make it a cinch to not only keep your braids looking fresh longer, but the scalp well-moisturized. Try adding pure hair oil to your scalp too.

5. Don’t leave your braids in for extended amounts of time. Any new growth could be at risk. Even in braids hair continues to grow and gravity will pull on the hair at the roots. All that pulling could result in hair loss or loss of edges. This is especially true because some braid styles can be quite heavy. So when it’s time to take them out, just do it.

6. If your braids are really long do not wear updos all the time. This can add undo stress to your hair.

7. Use natural based products instead of items that have been produced and riddled with harmful chemicals.

8. After removing braids allow your hair to rest before reinstalling them. A nice two week break along with a deep conditioning treatment will help your hair remain strong, healthy and the provide the atmosphere for it to keep growing.

Nicki Minaj Long Pink BraidsNicki Minaj Long Pink Braids

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