NFL Week Three Not Kind to Some Quarterbacks

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The Detroit Lions make me sick; they somehow managed to come away with a victory over the Green Bay Packers whom I picked to win. Had I picked the Lions to win the game, of course, they would have lost it.

However, the reason why I picked Green Bay to win is Aaron Rodgers, who I thought was probably the best active quarterback in the league. I guess even the best can have off days. The same goes for Tom Brady, whose Patriots eked out a win over the Oakland Raiders.

I firmly believe Brady deserves a much better O-Line to protect him so he can work his magic. If the Pats don’t get that offensive line in order, Brady may not survive the whole season.

Green Bay Packers

Talk about bonehead plays, the Carolina Panthers would like to have a punt back that was mishandled, to say the least, by Philly Brown. He muffed the catch, recovered it, then fumbled it again, which allowed the Steelers to swoop in and score a touchdown by recovering the ball in the end zone; tough night for the rookie. It wasn’t much better for Cam Newton who took a beating; his busted ribs may have been turned to dust by the end of the night.

Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison of Sunday Night Football on NBC both felt that Peyton Manning had earned a moral victory in the game against the Seahawks. Just to be clear, Denver’s Manning lost the game in overtime. As I understand things, in the NFL, a win is a win and a loss is a loss and the only thing that matters is getting the win. Peyton lost, so I disagree with Dungy and Harrison, there are no moral victories – that just sounds like loser talk to me.

Although, I picked the Ravens to win on Sunday, I was really rooting for the Browns. The more wins Browns quarterback Hoyer can get, the less likely we will have to see or hear from Manziel. Hasn’t it been nice not having all the media talk about him ad nauseam since the preseason ended? I would really like to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Poor Tampa Bay Buccaneers that Thursday night bludgeoning was painful to watch. Vincent Jackson didn’t have a catch until the fourth quarter. I wonder are the Falcons really that good, or are the Buccaneers really that bad, or is it just a testament to having games on Thursday night being a bad idea?


Players don’t have enough time to recuperate from the Sunday game and they appear not to play up to their capabilities come Thursday night. I love football and I watch every Thursday night game even though I know it will probably be a terrible game. However, if the NFL decided to forego having Thursday night football, I wouldn’t complain because it would be a good thing for the players.

Watching the Monday night game between the Bears and Jets, I couldn’t help but wonder if Jon Gruden just flat out hates Geno Smith. He was all over him on every mistake he made. Geno Smith is not Aaron Rodgers and it’s only his second year, so I’m not sure why “Chucky” is on his case so tough, but to listen to him talk you would think he has a personal vendetta against the kid. Oh well, not my problem, as I am a Patriots fan, I hate the Jets so the verbal flogging of Geno Smith by Gruden made me chuckle just a little.

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