NFL Week 8 Is a Blowout Fest

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nfl week 8 recap

I thought the Pittsburgh Steelers were dead so I put a nail in their coffin, but then Ben Roethlisberger and Leveon Bell said “not so fast there!” I have to admit that Big Ben played lights out and the whole team looked nothing like the team in the first few weeks of the season and they did it against the Colts who have Andrew Luck under center. Whether they continue to play like that the rest of the way remains to be seen, but it gives me hope that their next game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football should be a good old-fashioned brawl instead of a snooze-fest.

The Buffalo Bills beat down on the New York Jets which was not a surprise. However, the beating did lead to the benching of Jets quarterback Geno Smith after throwing three, yes three, interceptions in the first quarter. Michael Vick came in and managed to put points on the board but he too turned the ball over multiple times. Things are looking pretty grim for head coach Rex Ryan, he hasn’t been his blustering, bombastic self and pretty much looks like a dead man walking. Oh well, even if he gets fired I’m sure some other team will hire him either as a head coach or defensive coordinator, which is nfl week 8 recap3fine by me as long as that team is not in the AFC East. As a Patriots fan, I have had more than enough of that loud mouth to last a life time.

Speaking of the Patriots, they blew the doors off the Chicago Bears. That’s all I have to say about that.

There was no reason why the Packers shouldn’t have been able to beat the Saints. However, I think things went downhill after it appeared Aaron Rodgers injured his hamstring. He pulled up short after running for a first down and he didn’t play the same after that. He threw some uncharacteristic interceptions that I don’t think would have happened if he hadn’t been injured. They clearly didn’t trust putting backup quarterback Matt Flynn in the game until after it was a lost cause in the fourth quarter. I know Rodgers told Packers fans to R-E-L-A-X, but if his injury doesn’t get better during their bye week the Packers are going to be in deep trouble, because their defense doesn’t have what it takes to carry the team.

I couldn’t be happier for Colt McCoy and the Washington Redskins, as they handled the Dallas Cowboys quite well and pulled off the upset victory in overtime. In his post-game interview with the ESPN crew, Colt mentioned how it’s been a tough road for him in the NFL, so I can’t help but to be proud of him for not turtling on the big Monday Night Football stage, but rising to the occasion. I always felt like the Cleveland Browns didn’t give him a chance to develop as their starter and got rid of him too quickly. Here’s hoping this game will give him a much deserved chance to jump-start his NFL career.

Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons is not happy with his team to say the least. Head coach Mike Smith’s hold on his job has to be tenuous at best at this point. The Bengals managed to stop their slide into oblivion, after their week 5 beating at the hands of the Patriots, by holding on for the win against the Baltimore Ravens. Finally, J.J. Watt put a verbal smack down on Titans’ backup quarterback Zach Mettenberger because of his selfie-taking ways. J.J. Watt is the man, but come on cut the kid some slack he was just excited to be starting his first NFL game. Two years ago the Texans were wearing Letterman sweaters, so as Aaron Rodgers says, R-E-L-A-X, J.J.

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