NFL Week 10

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NFL: Preseason-St. Louis Rams at Cleveland Browns

Say it with me now, the Cleveland Browns are on fi-yuh!

The Browns’ defense just teed off on the Cincinnati Bengals offense on Thursday Night Football, causing mayhem, havoc and those all-important turnovers. Many people assumed the Bengals would win this game, perhaps by double digits even, but in the end it was the Browns who ran away with the game and punched the Bengals in the mouth.

They also put the nation on notice that they want to be taken seriously and anyone failing to do so will be making a big mistake. Brian Hoyer played well and I’m sure no one thought he would still be the starting quarterback this far into the season. The fight for first place in the AFC North is going to be a wild ride so hold on tight.

Speaking of the AFC North what was that the Pittsburgh Steelers put on the field?

After the media praised Big Ben for throwing six touchdowns in consecutive weeks, he barely managed to score a garbage time touchdown against the hapless Jets. The Jets sucked but I guess it would only be fair at this point to say the Steelers suck too. They seem to have reverted back to their terrible play from the beginning of the season, so for now let’s table the MVP talk for Roethlisberger.

I wonder how many pain-killing injections Tony Romo had to take so that he could play in the oh-so-critical game against the one win Jacksonville Jaguars. It was such an nfl week 10-2014-3important game that 20 Cowboys players were cool with missing the team’s Friday night midnight curfew.

However, the Cowboys slayed the mighty Goliath and the experts’ were singing the praises of Romo because he and Dez Bryant played well.

Big woopty-doo, you beat up a bad team, that’s what good teams are supposed to do. What good teams don’t do are allow the players to run amok and dope up their starting quarterback to play an almost meaningless game. I’m looking forward to a Major implosion by the Cowboys, because I don’t think they are a good team.

On the subject of teams that aren’t good, how about the New Orleans Saints? At this point I think Drew Brees is living on his previous success because he has not been playing like an elite quarterback.

Jimmy Graham is a whining, overgrown baby, claiming that he didn’t push the defender in order to catch what would have been a game winning touchdown.

On every angle of the replay it was clear that he shoved the defender out of his way so he could make the catch. Sure the defender sold it by throwing himself to the ground, but the fact remains that Graham pushed him and that allowed him to grab the ball. Fortunately, the official saw what happened and called him for pass interference which negated the touchdown. The Niners went on to win the game in overtime leaving the Saints with a 4-5 record.

Brees is going to have to play better if he wants to get his team to the post season.

Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals on their success so far this season. I haven’t watched any of their games, so I don’t know if they are for real or not but so far so good for them. They lost QB Carson Palmer for the season but Stanton seems capable of filling in and getting the job done. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Carolina Panthers don’t seem to care about Cam Newton at all.

He looked like he was playing in pain in the first half, but head coach, Ron Rivera, told ESPN reporter Lisa Salters that he didn’t notice that. If everyone watching the Monday Night Football game noticed, I’m not sure what the hell Rivera was looking at. All game long the Eagles defenders were coming at Cam unabated and the Panthers didn’t seem to make any adjustments in their protection. To me that’s just poor coaching which ultimately falls on Rivera.

I think he’s a lousy coach and apparently wants to get his franchise quarterback killed. Every year there are NFL coaches that get fired; Rivera should be one of them, because he isn’t doing the Panthers any good.

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