Nazaar The Classic Palette -For Medium to Darker Skin Tones!

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Nazaar The Classic Palette

There’s a new palette on the beauty block, just in time for summer! The Nazaar The Classic Palette is the one stop makeup palette for melanin women. It boasts over 15 robust tones that are magnetically beautiful!

Nevertheless, you may not be familiar with the Nazaar brand or The Classic Palette. Well, today that is all going to change. Read on to learn more about the hottest new brand to make waves in the beauty industry since the release of Fenty Beauty!

Beauty Side Bar: Our favorite shade from the palette is Sona. A divine, rich gold tone shade that exudes a tantalizingly allure!

Nazaar The Classic Palette -For Medium to Darker Skin Tones

Oh girl… that shade doesn’t match you. Unfortunately, that has been the fate of women of color for decades when it comes to makeup. All too often major cosmetic companies have only released products catering mainly to those with lighter skin tones.

Nazaar The Classic Palette

However, new brands are popping up to answer the melanin call. One being, Nazaar. A cosmetics label backed by women who truly get the diversity issues at hand; and are diligently working to help fix them. In a press release the Nazaar revealed their palette that is perfect for melanin skin. The brand stated,

“Nazarr announces the launch of their first beauty product: The Classic Palette! An eye shadow palette designed specifically for those with medium to darker skin tones. This anticipated palette includes 18 highly pigmented colors; including mattes and shimmers that can be used for all occasions. 

With top brands continuing to fail at being inclusive of diversity, Nazarr was inspired to create eyeshadow  colors that compliment olive to darker skin tones. The hope was to incorporate these colors into one single  palette making it easier for busy, on the go women, who are not makeup experts.  After extensive surveys, and experimenting with various formulations and colors and pigments, Nazarr was able to produce a riveting 18 highly pigmented color palette that can be used for all occasions.”

The Classic Palette -For Medium to Darker Skin Tones

Nazarr was created by South Asian women who have an extreme passion for makeup, specifically eye shadows. Noticing the lack of inclusivity for Indian skin tones, they created their first product The Classic Palette that complements South Asian, medium, and dark skin tones. The goal was to have one go to palette with an array of colors, so there wouldn’t be a need to purchase multiple. Whether you’re busy with being a mom, juggling a career, or a little bit of both, the Classic Palette makes going from day to night a piece of cake. The Classic Palette is available for purchase via the website

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