Nautical Nail Design By MARS the Salon

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If there is one way to show your excitement over the summer season, it would most probably be through the colors that you paint on your nails. What screams summer more than having bold colors on your nails? For this season, it is the perfect time to wear something bright and nautical.

MARS the Salon has created a customized nautical nail design just for you!

Ahoy my lovely mateys! It is time to make a splash this summer with a nautical inspired nail design from MARS the Salon! Blue anchors and red stripes are the perfect touch to any bikini. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, MARS the Salon specializes in Japanese nail art and owner Hiroko Fujikawa has created the unique design that DIY’ers can create at home to channel your inner sailor!

Nautical Nail Design Directions

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Apply white color polish on all fingers.
  3. Paint border line with red polish on all fingers.
  4. Paint Anchor with blue polish on index finger and ring finger.
  5. Apply top coat.