Natural Hair Alert! Mielle Organics Launches Three New Products!

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Wave your flexi rods and curls from side to side! Mielle Organics launches three new products to compliment its already widely growing line. The new all natural and organic products include a Brazilian Curly Cocktail Cream, Brazilian Curly Cocktail Mousse and Honey & Ginger Styling Gel. The products were added after popular demand by consumers and the brand’s desire to have a full line of items for maintaining healthy hair and styling. Can we get an amen?

Mielle Organics Launches Three New Products

The Brazilian Curly Cocktail Cream ($13.99) and Cocktail Mousse ($13.99) helps to achieve soft, defined, frizz free curls. Moreover, they contain a blend of organic Brazilian oils including: babassu, buriti buriti, copaiba oil and muru muru.

This super combo of oils absorbs into the hair shaft locking in moisture and giving ultimate definition and moisture. Furthermore, The Honey & Ginger Styling Gel ($11.99) contains more than 70% certified organic ingredients including ginger and babassu! As a result both are used to nourish and hydrate hair while delivering manageable hold, frizz reduction and curl definition. This trio of products help acheive flawless twist outs, flat twists, flexirod sets, etc.

Mielle Organics prides themselves on providing their consumers with products that aid in maintaining and managing healthy hair. Nevertheless, the Founder & CEO, Monique Rodriguez says, “I added new stylers to our line because we want to be your one stop shop for all your healthy hair and styling needs. Health always comes first and when we added our new styling items we kept that aspect in mind to deliver great ingredients and quality products.”

The new items are currently sold exclusively online. However, they will also launch in retailers soon. Mielle Organics signature line is currently sold in Sally Beauty, Target and CVS. Their complete product line can be found at

Mielle Organics Launches Three New Products – Seeing Is Believing

Ladies you HAVE to see the Brazilian Curl Mousse in action. What it can do is simply astounding. CEO Monique Rodriquez does not just design her products, she uses them herself. Check out this look she posted to the Gram:

“I swear I’m obsessed with my Brazilian curl mousse. I’m doing flexi rods everyday. It’s so amazing I can wear a flexi set and comb my hair out as you can see pictured. My hair is still super soft and doesn’t feel like I have any product build up or anything.

So then instead of washing to redo a set I just brushed out the old set. Then will redo using just the curl mousse for an amazing super light curl!”

Also, in case you are wondering, yes that is all of her hair! Gorgeous right? Therefore, give your strands the Mielle Organics touch, you will not be sorry!

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