Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig -Look Like a Queen in an Instant!

Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig
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Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig


Skip the 8 hours in a salon chair and surf your pretty little self on over to Natural Girl Wigs! This amazing black-owned brand is killing the hair game with kinky texture hair pieces as well as glamorous wigs! Each item blends effortlessly and naturally so that no one will know it’s not your actually hair. What’s a hair product by this brand that is a MUST HAVE? Well… If you love for your hair to be on trend; then you absolutely have to get the Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig!

Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig- So On TREND!

From the runway to your fave celebrity, Locs have been THE STYLE to rock in order to look like a bonafide Goddess! Don’t believe? Well, here’s just a few of the Beauties that have rocked Locs.


Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig


Supermodel Naomi Campbell 


Singer And Host Kelly Rowland 


Director Ava DuVernay



Models and Influencers Victoria and Elizabeth


Artist Diana Gordon



Actress Zoe Kravitz 


Singer and Actress Keke Palmer 


Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig


Musical Artist Stefflon Don

As you can see, many starlets LOVE their Locs and now you can “get the look” and join the hair Locs tribe! Thanks to Natural Girl Wigs you can achieve this celebrity style in a cinch.

It is literally just that easy. Just remove this wig from its packaging, shake it out a bit; then apply. We find that ensuring that your hair underneath is laying down as flat as possible; achieves the best overall look.

Moreover, when we first came across this FABULOUS Bohemian Locs Wig by Natural Hair Wigs we just had to give it a try. Upon receiving it we are even more in love! The product looks just as advertised on the NGW website and the package arrives in a super cute tote bag!


Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig


We are sure that you guys would agree that this tote is so spot on when it comes to black girl magic. Plus, we know the bag is probably for housing the wig in…. however (Lol); it so cute we look forward to just using it around town too!

Why You Should Buy a Locs Wig? -Longevity is King and so is Functionality

Do you know how long a Bohemian Locs style normally lasts for? Well, if installed properly; human hair Bohemian Locs can last 16 weeks. Moreover, other hair professionals we interviewed revealed to us that faux Bohemian Locs should be removed and redone every 12 weeks. What does this all mean?

It means that Locs with cost you time and money in just weeks. Whereas a good wig can last way longer! So in a nutshell you can get more bang for your hair buck by purchasing a wig instead.

Additionally, with a wig you never have to feel “tied down” by a particular style. Each day you can remove the wig and switch up to a different style if you like. Besides functionality, Wigs are also great for growing out hair. Especially, if you do a good job at protecting, conditioning and maintaining your own hair underneath.

We had a 1966 staff member grow 3 inches of hair in JUST 6 months by wearing wigs! All she did was wear her hair in a protected hairstyle ( 2 French braids or Cornrows) and wore different styled wigs on top. Furthermore, every 1-2 weeks she deep conditioning her strands and throughout the week would apply a light hair oil to her braids. So then, don’t think it can’t be done!

As one can see, Wigs are an excellent hair investment. Whether you love the ease of quickly switching up your style, want to save money or want to grow longer hair. Wigs, quality wigs, can help you get it done.

Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig -Look Like a Queen in an Instant!


Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig


Therefore, buying a high quality wig can not only make you look trendy in seconds; but you can literally skip making a hair appointment. Something that as this pandemic rages on; is a good thing. With lockdowns and the like becoming the new normal; investing in a wig style can help you look amazing for your Zoom meetings and meet-ups; even if you can’t get to a hairdresser.

As mentioned we all loved the Bohemian Locs Wig by Natural Girl Wigs; chic, fun and easy to apply. Here’s a few pics of our Beauty Editor, Alicia rocking it!


Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig


Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig


We also asked Alicia a few questions after she had had a chance to wear it around a bit.

1966 Mag: So Alicia, tell us what do you think?!

Alicia: IN LOVE! It’s a little heavier than I thought it would be (laughter); but I really like the length. And I like that it does include some lace so that you can make it look more real.

1966 Mag: How hard is it to put on?

Alicia: Not hard at all. I’m sure everyone has their own way of putting on a wig. But I just start at the nape and pull it up over my head. It’s literally seconds.

1966 Mag: How likely are you to recommend it?

Alicia: Girl I’m already recommending it! LOL! This year has been so hard having to stay inside but you still have to look good when you meet with people… ON VIDEO no less. So I appreciate knowing I can whip this wig out and it’s going to look good. Only thing I wish it had was hair combs to attach it; because my hair is really soft so stuff tends to slide off easy. But I found an easy workaround so I’m still cool. Plus, you know, you can always sew in a few combs yourself, they’re cheap to get off Amazon. And I’ve done that with other wigs and worked perfectly.

1966 Mag: Awesome! Thanks for weighing in Alicia; that was very helpful!


Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig


Locs Wig Styling Tips That Helped Us Out…. A LOT

After you buy your Locs wig you will have to style it a little till you get your desired look. After playing with the Bohemian Locs Wig we really say there’s not much you need to change up; but here’s some things we found helpful!

  • BABY, BABY, BAY-BEEEE! -Let those Baby Hairs step into your hair’s spotlight! Pull a tiny bit of your edges forward so that they show in front of wig. Use gel or pomade along with a toothbrush or edges hair brush to shape and define your baby hairs. The finish results will look WAY MORE natural.


  • MOVE THAT THANG AND BLEND -Don’t be afraid to move the part around. The Natural Girls Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig comes with a nice DEEP natural looking part. We tried it down the middle and on the side and found ultimately we love how the wig’s part looks from the side!But think about your own natural hair. Where do you normally where your part? If you place the wig in that position you will achieve a more natural look tailored to you.Also, be sure to blend your part to your skin if need be. Just apply a little foundation to where the “part” meets your skin or hairline. Dab and blend the foundation in that area and watch the lace just melt into your skin! When you are all done everything should match your skin to flawlessly.

Locs Wig Styling Tips That Helped Us Out…. A LOT (Continued)

  • JUST A MATERIAL GIRL -Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; but never underestimate the glamorous value of adding sparkling hair accessories to your Locs wig! Hair accessories are an easy way to give your hairstyle even more flair and dimension. Our Beauty Editor Alicia choose to add a few gold and rhinestone hair accessories to her style. Just Gorgeous!


  • BAND TOGETHER AND GET FIT! – Not all wigs come with hair combs; but really, that’s not a problem. Invest in a Wig Band to give your wig a better fit and give you way more security. Don’t worry about your wig slipping off, keep it right wear you want it with a wig band.

In Conclusion… Ready to Cop?

So… are you desiring to try out the Bohemian Locs Wig for yourself? You can get yours by heading to the Natural Girl Wigs online store. Their website is:

How much will it cost? Currently, each Bohemian Locs Wig unit retails for just $199. A really good price point for a wig that will last awhile in comparison to an one-time install that would probably run you the same amount if not more.

Nevertheless, Locs are so fire right now in terms of hair trends that you can not go wrong with this purchase. Moreover, it looks amazing on so many different girls! Here’s a few pics from Natural Girl Wigs Instagram to prove our point!

Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig

Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig

Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig

Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig

Natural Girl Wigs Bohemian Locs Wig


Well we hope you’ve found this article helpful; and that you enjoy your little your well-deserved hair shopping spree. Check back with us next week, to learn of another hair product we love!

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