Narcissitic Creations - New Luxury Black Owned Cosmetics Brand

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Narcissitic Creations

                         Narcissitic Creations Founder, Dayana Narcisse

Black women are no joke when it comes to starting new amazing brands and companies! Forbes reports that us ladies of color are racking in $4.5 billion dollars; and we’re just getting started. Nevertheless, this means there are several new businesses to discover and fill your needs from fashion to beauty. One of our latest finds will have your eyes popping for every occasion. Allow us to introduce you to Narcissitic Creations!

Narcissitic Creations – New Luxury Black Owned Cosmetics Brand

Narcissitic Creations

Narcissitic Creations is a new black owned cosmetics brand created by girl boss, Dayana Narcisse. Narcisse hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is a true jack of all trades. Besides being a beauty brand owner; Dayana is also a model, stylist, MUA (makeup artist) and Creative Director. Whew!

No doubt her multi-faceted background influenced her heavily in her decision to start her own cosmetics line. Narcisse enjoys having a ton of clients that love getting in on all of the hottest makeup trends. Having such intimate access to her market helps her tailor her line to exactly their wants and desires.

Narcissitic Creations

Now while eventually the Narcissitic Creations line will include a large plethora of products; for now, Dayana is building her brand by starting off with a luxury collection of eyelashes. Each fluttering masterpiece is made at the highest level, yet is very affordable!

Narcissitic Creations – New Luxury Black Owned Cosmetics Brand (Cont.)

Narcisse shared a little intel about her gorgeous lashes. She talked how they are made and which one is the most sought after. She says,

“Shop our beautiful collection. These lashes feature an invisible, lightweight band that connects the mink hair strands to form a strip that secure both corners. They are layered and feathered by hand for perfect even and absolute comfort and an outstanding natural look.

Narcissitic Creations

The lashes are very full, long, easy to apply and reusable. [For instance] ‘Vixen’ gives you an incredibly soft and natural look because of the luxurious blend of mink light-wwight hair.

The ‘Supermodel’ Mink Lashes is everyone’s favorite natural lash. If you are looking for a natural style that’s not too full; Supermodel would be perfect for you!”

Narcissitic Creations

Narcissitic Creations

Besides being hand-made which is an awesome feature. We also love that these lashes are cruelty-free. So they are great for us and all of our furry little friends.

Plus, the packaging is additionally awesome. Each set of lashes comes in a glamorous, glittery box sealed with ribbon. A nice glitzy touch that makes one feel that they are receiving a fabulous gift just for their eyes!

Narcissitic Creations

Let’s get into prices, shall we? There are four different mink eyelashes styles to choose from. You may purchase: Bombshell, Princess, Vixen or the fan favorite, Supermodel. Prices break down as follows:

Bombshell $20.00

Princess $20.00

Supermodel $15.00

Vixen $15.00

Ready to purchase? Get your Narcissitic Creations products by heading to Don’t live in the U.S.? No problem! This beauty brand does offer international shipping.

Narcissitic Creations Narcissitic Creations

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