Naomi Campbell and Justin Levy Star in Givenchy Jean Campaign

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So many awesome campaigns are being revealed on the daily we can barely catch our breath! The model of century has done it again with yet another stunning ad campaign. Nevertheless, this time it’s double trouble because she is sharing the limelight with a very handsome co-star. Let us tell more about Naomi Campbell and Justin Levy Star in Givenchy Jean Campaign.

Naomi Campbell and Justin Levy Star in Givenchy Jean Campaign

She could wear a sack and we’d still buy it! Luckily, Naomi Campbell is working it in a chic collection of denim. Campbell is apart of the Givenchy family slash gang and was chosen for the Spring/Summer 2017 ad campaign. Campbell commented on her latest project stating, “Meet the new Givenchy jeans SS17 (Spring/Summer 2017) pinups. I love you Riccardo Tisci, thank you for always pushing me out of my comfort zone for another great project.”

Miss Campbell out of her comfort zone? Seems so far fetched since she always dazzles us with her body of work. However, when you ponder her statement it does start to make a lot of sense. As they say in order to be great you have to step outside your own box. Therefore, Naomi proves that unless you change you will remain the same.

Nonetheless, in the ad campaign Naomi shares camera time with male model, Justin Levy. The pair’s chemistry is electric with both serving face as well as amazing physiques. The renown and extremely talented Carine Roitfeld  styled the campaign with the fabulous photog duo, Luigi and Lango creating art behind the lense. Kudos to all involved everything came out exquisitely!

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