Ask and Tell: Nanushka Mahali Sweater Dress Spotted on Rihanna

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Nanushka Mahali Sweater Dress

The Item: Fashion designer, cosmetics company CEO and Billboard Hot 100 artist, Rihanna seen wearing the Nanushka Mahali Sweater Dress! This badgal was just causally out with her mother in Santa Monica, California. The pair were there in order to enjoy dinner together at a restaurant called, Mason.

Mason is sleek, 5 star restaurant that fancies itself right near the ocean; at the edge of Santa Monica. Mason is highly “exclusive.” Serving up high class steaks, freshly made to order salads as well as fine seafood cuisine. According to Open Table it offers “a sophisticated dining experience in a warm-hearted environment.” The experience is nothing short of luxurious. Therefore, it looks like Rihanna and her mother dined in grandeur and style!

You Asked: DETAILS!! 1966 please I need details! I know its early but I just spotted this picture of Rihanna on Instagram. First of all, is it new? I can’t tell because her hair is back to black again in this one and it just looks like maybe from a few years ago? But anyway, I like her dress in this can you find out the designer and let me know? Thanks and love your page! It is one of my favorites ever!

Ask and Tell: Nanushka Mahali Sweater Dress Spotted on Rihanna

Nanushka Mahali Sweater Dress

The Verdict: Hey there! Thank for the message; and hit us up any time, we love to help answer all of your style inquiries. Nevertheless, this is in fact a new sighting of Rihanna. As mentioned on our Instagram page (@1966mag); she is rocking a very chic fall ensemble.

Rihanna’s stylish dress is by couture label Nanushka. It hails from the brands Pre-Fall 2019 collection. If searching for this particular look or style online you will easily find it under a bunch of various keywords. However, the easiest for us was: Nanushka Mahail Sweater Dress.

Shall we talk price? Let’s! After a VERY thorough search and some online window shopping we found that most online retailers are offering the Mahali at a price point around $400. From there the price difference seems to range from $400-$450.

Nevertheless, retailer FARFETCH so far seems to have one of the best prices for this designer look. Currently, FARFETCH is retailing Nanushka’s Mahali Sweater dress for $401. Quite a great price for a highend look if you ask us! So then, if you have ever wanted to dress like Rihanna here is your chance. Plus, you can have Rihanna’s trendy look for all of the fall as well as winter seasons and for less than $500! A STEAL!

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