Nailed It: ModCloth Summer 2014 Collection

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Nailed It ModCloth Summer 2014 Collection
What inspires you to do your most creative work? Is it nature, music, paintings or even your family and friends? No matter what it is that causes that little spark to grow into an artistic wildfire it is safe to say that design is simply imagination brought to life.

Personally, I have always had a love for nail design. Since the days of stealing my mothers nail polish off her creamy ivory dresser to the beginnings of using my allowance to purchase my own collection, my love of nail art has never wavered. Throughout the years some of my best designs have stemmed from the fashions I have chosen to wear.

I recently came across a stunning little number from ModCloth’s Summer 2014 collection that really got my nail juices flowing!

Their Luxe Redux Dress is stunningly chic and sophisticated. It inspired me to want to grab a few bottles and do work. I kept to the color scheme, but wanted to emphasize the lush embellishment. I tried to encompass the sparkle overlaid on the black fabric by creating black tips lined by crystals.

Loving the flowy, flirty aspect of the dress I designed an accent nail with a flowing Victorian style design. I chose this route because I felt the dress is quite regal as if for a princess. Hope you love the nail art and be sure to surf over to to see their complete collection. Hey most likely you will gain some inspiration too!

Just for fun check out ModCloths other dresses and see what you can come up with. We all would love to see your creations.

Nailed It ModCloth Summer 2014 Collection