Multi Tasker- Why Being One WILL NOT Make You More Successful

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Multi Tasker

If there is one thing you should takeaway from this article it’s this, “What you focus on, is what you will get.” Seriously, if you are all over the place like a bag of spilled marbles; how do you expect to actually get anything done for real? May sound blunt, may sound harsh; however, after reading why this is the case, you will be happy about getting a little tough love. For years, the idea of being a multi tasker has been praised as some sort of superhuman ability; that can not only save time, but make you more of a working powerhouse.

Wrong. While in theory being a multi tasker sounds legit, it can actually cause you to get less done. Self-improvement and science author, James Clear, put it this way,

“Your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits. Your net worth is a lagging measure of your financial habits. Weight is a lagging measure of your eating habits. [Also] your knowledge is a lagging measure of your learning habits. You get what you repeat.”

Multi Tasker

Therefore, what you habitually do with your time and efforts is what you will get out of them. However, if you are constantly and repeatedly “doing too much,” spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. You are basically going to be stuck. Looking forward and backward, but not making any ground.

Multi Tasker- Why Being One WILL NOT Make You More Successful

The following diagram really illustrates the importance of not being lured by the finesse or idea of multitasking. As one can see, Worker 1 is choosing to be more focused on one given task at a time. Then takes a break in order to recharge or do “lesser” activities.

Multi Tasker

Worker 2 is trying to accomplish multiple things at once. Starts one task then easily gets distracted doing something else. In the end, Worker 2 works just as hard (if not harder) and gets less accomplished.

The lesson? Work smarter, not harder. Instead of trying to be a multi tasker; aim to prioritize what is most important. Next, block off times for intense focus in order to REALLY hone in and get your work done.

This means no phone or any distractions. Don’t think having access to apps and your emails can make you work less efficiently? Well, back in the early 2000s, James Clear, spoke about a study which showed that average people check their emails every five minutes.

Further, when checking their emails it was sucking up about 64 seconds in order to get back to any previous tasks. Simply put, people could waste 1 out 6 minutes just checking emails. If that was the stats, back then, you can assume it’s even worse now.

Multi Tasker- Why Being One WILL NOT Make You More Successful (Continued)

Multi Tasker

Besides emails today we have photo sharing, tweets, DMs, texts and snaps. You may soon find yourself losing more than just one minute. So then, do not be fooled. Multitasking or double tasking does not work and can make you less productive.

Learn to focus. Focus on doing what is actually going to make you more successful and limit any distractions. You are only going to get what you focus on SOLELY. If blogging is your money maker, then dedicate a serious block of time to blogging. Or if you are a social media darling, then by golly get social and really make it count!

The point is, no matter what it is you want in life, you have to have a solid plan and eagle eye focus to get it. Someone climbing Everest isn’t looking around at a surrounding mountain and deciding to go climb it. Then get to the second mountain and decide to go back to Everest. Sounds silly right? This climber will never get to the top of either peak.

However, this is how some approach their work. Climbing towards their goal, but stopping to go tackle something else. Instead of being a silly climber, carve out good work ethic and practices; focus on what’s most important- one task at a time- and watch the magic happen.

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