Moschino Spring/Summer 2021-Jeremy Scott's Marionettes by Jim Henson Runway Show!

Moschino Spring/Summer 2021
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OMG! The Moschino Spring/Summer 2021 fashion show by the fabulous Jeremy Scott is going down as one of the greatest in Milan Fashion Week history! So out of the box. Such a genius catwalk idea. Scott definitely needs to receive his flowers and accolades on this one!

Seriously, what’s not to like and appreciate here? Due to the pandemic many designers have been tossing around the idea of either canceling shows or thinking of an alternative presentation option. We have seen some pretty cool ALT shows.


Moschino Spring/Summer 2021


For instance, JACQUEMUS socially distanced catwalking in a large open field. Gorgeous, chic and unforgettable. Also, there was HANIFA’s full digital fashion show that showcased curve-licious models switching down the runway in all their black girl magic glory. Just amazing!


Moschino Spring/Summer 2021


Now Jeremy Scott is adding his name to the 2020 fantastic fashion designer show list. Instead of going the digital or social distance guest route; he presented A SHOW! The theatrics we craze in fashion. The ingenuity, allure and ethereal magic that fashion week couture offers us. A style escape of whimsy and creativity. Scott delivers on all counts marvelously.

Moschino Spring/Summer 2021-Jeremy Scott’s Marionettes by Jim Henson Runway Show


Moschino Spring/Summer 2021


The iconic Jim Henson Company (yes, the Muppets family… Hi Miss Piggy!); helped bring Scott’s vision to life. He took us into his fashion world and realm with custom couture pieces that floated effortlessly down the catwalk on his marionette models.

Staying modern and with the times, Jeremy’s cast of puppet models were as diverse as his “regular” shows. It’s just fabulous to see. For years, the culture had to fight tooth and nail with Barbie in order to see proper representation. Yet, Scott gets it right, right out of the gate!



His melanin models during the show looked gorgeous with natural hair tresses. Afros, flat tops reminiscent of Grace Jones, short haircuts and cornrows pulled back into chic chignons all adorned these stunning representations of black beauty. Well done.




Nevertheless, the fashion was just as wonderful as the execution of the show itself. Ruffles, floral print, exaggerated sleeves and embellishments like Bows; and a gorgeous color palette incorporating neutrals, and lush as well as airy hues.

A Need, A Literal Must


Moschino Spring/Summer 2021


When it comes to Moschino, every look is always something you want in your closet. It’s brand that is unique, that just stands out. There’s a plethora of designs that we would love to see a celebrity attempt to pull off.

First up, the bridal dress. My goodness, it just commands attention with its bodice, print, short front as well as long train. Additionally, there’s a daring two-looks in one green print dress that is just so FAB.



However, believe it or not, something else we want that we spied was Jeremy’s teeshirt for the show. It read, “I Don’t Speak Italian, But I Do Speak Moschino.” Epic.

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