Morphe x Saweetie -The Backstage with Saweetie Festival Makeup Platinum Collection!

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Morphe x Saweetie


This makeup news is definitely OUR TYPE! Yes… It was a total and complete drag to find out that Coachella has been canceled this year. BUT there is still plenty of awesome festival news to be had; ESPECIALLY when it comes to the beauty realm. Y’all get your music fest looks all the way together BEFORE the October reschedule with the iciest cosmetics drop of 2020! Backstage With Saweetie… The Morphe x Saweetie Festival Makeup Platinum Collection has arrived!

Morphe x Saweetie -The Backstage with Saweetie Festival Makeup Platinum Collection!

Will it just be one item? Uhm… no Diva. You are being blessed with the full face treatment honey! While there are those who begin to dabble in the makeup genre by dipping a toe into the game with the releasing of a lippie or just a palette. Not Saweetie. This steadily rising lady of style is playing not a single game with any of us!



Her highly anticipated makeup collection in collaboration with the fab MORPHE is coming PACKED with beauty goodies. What’s on deck? Well, first of all what is an artist without his or her tools?

Yes, you guessed it, the Morphe x Saweetie Collection is coming with an in-depth set of makeup brushes! You will be able to apply with precision and achieve the coveted look and finish you crave.



And not just one or two brushes at that. The collection boasts a complete 6 piece makeup brush set. Which Morphe is currently describing as “So Fly” brushes.

Morphe x Saweetie -The Backstage with Saweetie Festival Makeup

Nevertheless, beauty tools are one thing, but the actual makeup products themselves are the real gems! Being the official chick of all things ICY, the Morphe x Saweetie platinum collection comes with lip glosses with more drip than a leaky faucet! These babies are cutely and simply called, Icy Lips. The tones are young and youthful and will make great toppers on even other lip colors. So then, get ready to ice out your lips and give them more shine than a decked out bling chain.



Additionally, no worries, a major top seller for any brand or collection is not being overlooked here. We can confirm… There is a palette people. They are calling it the 24 A Artist Pass Artistry Palette and it is a beauty! As the name indicates, this is a 24 pan palette with a gorgeous range of vibrant and boisterous colors.

Whether you like smoked out eyes or to shine bright like a diamond. This palette has your eye looks covered. Plus, since festival makeup should stand out and let out your inner wild child; this palette perfectly compliments the overall vibe and experience of such an event. Bravo Saweetie.

SET it OFF -The Backstage with Saweetie Festival Makeup Platinum Collection -More to Love!

Moving on, yes there is more! Chew on this… What’s the point of having a gorgeous makeup look if it’s not going to stay in place? (Cue Jeopardy music). Well, YOU won’t have to worry about that because Saweetie’s collection is dropping with a Mini Continuous Setting Mist. And you are going to absolutely adore the name of it like we do. It is called… what for it… SAWEET PEACH. Ugh… gagging! LOL!

Furthermore, we love this addition to this Morphe collab because it just makes sense. When you are at an event, with a ton of other people it’s easy for the dreadful makeup melt and slide off to begin. PLUS, dancing around to great music for hours doesn’t help things. And don’t even get us started on the fact that festivals are outside.



Therefore, it’s clear that your makeup needs some protection and defense. Adding a setting mist into the mix is probably the most helpful item Morphe and Saweetie could of included into a makeup collection being deemed specifically for music festivals. Really shows that they thought things out and through without just throwing out products haphazardly.

However, there’s still one other item in this collection that also shows the festival demographic and market was seriously kept in mind. You guys there’s a makeup bag. Actually, it’s not the kind mom and grandma used; it is a very on trend belt bag!

Seriously, what better thing to have on you when you need to freshen up your makeup; AND it’ll still look stylish in your pictures. Plus, just think you can also throw your I.D., wallet, cash, cards and keys, etc. in there. Allowing you to not only ensure you have your makeup supplies and basic girly necessities, BUT you can go hands free and truly enjoy yourself and the great artists performing. No cross over bag drama for you girl!

Morphe x Saweetie -So How Much Coins?

So as one can see, this new collection has it all. Fun, flirty and great for music events. Shall we quickly talk Price? Let’s.


Morphe x Saweetie


Yes, price points have already been revealed. Here is a quick cheat sheet breakdown for your viewing pleasure:

24 A Artist PASS Artistry Palette $29
ICY LIPS by Saweetie $18
VIP SWEEP 6-Piece Brush and Face Set + Belt Bag $29
Mini Continuous Setting Mist in “SAWEET Peach” $10

BONUS: Here’s our beauty trailer highlighting this collection!


SPICY! Okay, back to pricing. Now altogether to have EVERYTHING your total rings up to $88. Not bad for everything that you’re getting. As of now, not sure if there’s some discount incentive if you buy the complete lineup. But as we find out the details we will be sure to update you guys.

Official Drop Date and Purchase Hot Spots


Morphe x Saweetie


Now that you know prices and what you can you expect to get. Can you believe we still haven’t even had a moment to tell you when this collection is officially dropping and from where you can get it? LOL. Yeah we decided it would be better just to jump right into the release itself. But anyway we digress.

You will be able to get your hands on Backstage with Saweetie beginning on March 20th. Morphe says that you can purchase your beauty goods on their website, in Morphe and select retailers. With a little digging we found that one such retailer just so happens to be ULTA. Anyway, happy shopping loves!

The Inspiration and the Making of Morphe’s Collaboration with Saweetie

Rihanna, Cardi B and Beyoncé have all lent their fame in order to jumpsuit and diversify in various business ventures. Saweetie is aiming to add her name amongst such successful famous entrepreneurs.

Having an already built-in fan base can go a long way in boosting sales as well as garnering attention. Saweetie understands this and in no way plans to not use her influence in order to become the next big entertainment mogul. In a recent interview with Billboard the hip hop artist talked business and explained what influenced her to go ahead and launch her own line with MORPHE. She states,

“The women who I aspire to be have their hands in different industries. So when I’m doing my due diligence in fashion, beauty and music, I’m working towards my goal of being a multi-faceted brand.”

Being a brand and expanding also does not mean just slapping her name on a product and watching from behind the scenes. Saweetie is a true hands on businesswoman who plays a major part in the look and feel of her products. In the same interview with Billboard Saweetie mentions her personal involvement in the development of the Morphe x Saweetie collection. From the palette to the glosses she infused them with her style and vibe. For instance, regarding Morphe palette and glosses she says,

“It still [my eyeshadow palette] has the neutral colors for the people who ain’t trying to be so loud. But it also has neon colors for those who want to go all out.

[Furthermore] I love lip gloss because when you line it the right way and put it on, it just makes your lips look so juicy; I like my lips to look juicy and kissable. I’m super excited for these colors because they have a hint of sparkle.”

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