Monday Coffee: Corey Baptiste

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Monday Coffee Corey Baptiste

We were sitting over here fading fast when we realized the problem… we hadn’t had our cup of coffee yet! To wake ourselves up fully we decided not to play any games and toss in some yummy dark chocolate A to S and AP. So many flavors came to mind but we had to get our fix of Mr. Corey Baptiste!

Here are a few stats on Corey:

1. He’s fine.

2. Very fine.

3. He’s fine.

4. Lord let him be single… Amen.

5. Did we mention God created Adam then made Corey?

Okay, we’ll be good (kind of), but Corey is one of biggest black male models in the fashion industry. Some have even given him the honor of being deemed as the new Tyson Beckford. Nevertheless, Baptiste does not need to be compared to anyone for his achievements in modeling and resume is ever-growing. Corey has walked for major designers and brands such as:  Lacoste, Michael Kors, John Elliot, Todd Snyder, 3.1 Philip Lim and Dolce & Gabbana. Moreover, you can’t forget his amazing ad campaigns with DKNY and Adidias (one of our personal favs).

So then, good looks, smarts and talented beyond his years. Yes, this is the kind of coffee that we can get used to! Enjoy a few more pics of this stunning man and we hope that this post woke you up too.

Monday Coffee Corey Baptiste2 Monday Coffee Corey Baptiste5 Monday Coffee Corey Baptiste4 Monday Coffee Corey Baptiste3

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