Miss Me With The Negativity!

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Miss Me With The Negativity! how to have true friends

Miss Me With The Negativity! You would think summertime would be all about sunshine, hanging out with old as well as new friends and searching for new adventures. Sadly, however, during this time you also begin to weed out true friends from friend-enemies. Yes, we all know that they are out there and why is this the case, who knows. Maybe it’s just human nature in which people don’t seem so connected as they were before. Perhaps because of lack of communication, misunderstanding, insecurities or they may even feel like they are better than you for some odd reason.

For whatever the case don’t let this get you down. It’s a big Big world out there and your time is too precious to be deliberating others actions of why they are acting a certain way. You will make new friends to add to your current friends. These will be ones that will really enrich your life not pollute it. So then, let these old “friends” go, they are not really true to you because true friends work things out no matter what. So tell them Miss Me With The Negativity! Deuces!!

Enjoy your summer dolls. xoxo

There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict. Walk away; The battle they are fighting isn’t with you, it is with themselves.