What Would You Rather Do Early In The Morning: Watch TV Or Burn Some Real Calories With The Mirror Workout?

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Mirror Workout


A Mirror Workout. Is Mirror the future of fitness? Most people tend to believe that they can only attain their fitness goals in the gym. GET WOKE fitness lovers, beginners and enthusiasts! This type of thinking is not valid ANYMORE (insert fist pump). Allow us to fill you in why!

Yes, for decades most knew gyms are essential. You dress, drive, get sweaty, return and repeat your way to a better body. However, this mundane routine may be going out of style in the future.



The reason for this is that modern exercise methods like the mirror workout technology is now taking the market by STORM. These cool, hype workouts take advantage of the latest technology; thus allowing its users to do their fat-blasting workouts while at home. Something many are seeing is very effective and necessary during quarantine lockdowns and the Covid pandemic.


Mirror Workout


Users can stream live and on-demand classes while in their sweats and crop tops at home; if connected to their system. You, therefore, don’t need to drive to the gym every single day (Yay). PLUS… you still can have the “human” element; if being social is a big part of your fitness routine. Using cameras and speakers, make it still possible to interact with the coaches during the online classes. Sweet!


Mirror Workout


The Mirror is the world’s first interactive home gym offering its users a variety of workouts while in the comfort of their homes. Can you imagine how convenient this is? You don’t even need to struggle, especially if you are always busy and find it hard to go to the gym. Read on to learn more about the mirror workout from expectations to cool feature highlights!

Digital Disruption In The Fitness Industry



The number one reason to invest in this health product: CONVENIENCE baby! That’s money in your fitness bank. And that’s what’s driving change.

If there is one industry that has experienced meaningful disruption, it is the fitness industry. For a long time, one could either work out from home or enroll in a gym. Some of those who join the gym do so because they really do need a coach to help them attain their fitness goals. A helpful BUT VERY EXPENSIVE AND COSTLY option.

Only a few people can afford to hire a personal coach.



Furthermore, going to the gym every day is almost impossible; especially, if you have a tight schedule. You need a trainer, but your Boss is riding you like an electric bull. How does one stay looking Instagram ready hot?

Well… Innumerable digital offerings such as wearable devices like the digital workout watch and virtual reality products have changed fitness delivery. Additionally, due to increased access to the Internet and the need for convenience, most Millennials and Gen Z-ers now prefer digitally enhanced workouts.

How Does The Mirror Workout Work?



Don’t get this fitness tech mirror confused with the mere “Mirror” that you see every day. No, it’s a whole lot more. It is a yoga studio, cardio class, a boxing ring, and more. It is a Mirror with every workout you will ever need. It’s like the Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo of fitness all rolled into one. Besides, you get an online trainer to teach you the correct form and do the exercises with you (applauds). I found it intriguing!


Mirror Workout


It fits into any room and even allows you to mount it on the wall. If you don’t want it to mount on the wall, you can request the installation team to secure it against a wall with anchors. You only need to determine which space you are willing to forego and turn that wall space into a personal fitness studio. You can download the app that syncs to other devices once the Mirror is installed.

The app has several workout options, including:

• Yoga
• Boxing
• HIIT classes
• Cardio


       YASSSSSS Honies! SWEATTTT!!!!


That’s a broad category to choose from. Also, you are allowed to add other members, but this of course has limits. When you decide which workouts you are interested in, you also have the option of joining a live class.

What Happens During A Mirror Workout Class



• Once you start the class, you will see your trainer in the Mirror.
• The trainer will proceed to lead you through the exercises while checking whether your form is correct.
• The screen will have several readouts, such as interval clocks, your heart rate, among others.
• If you have chosen the live class, you will be able to see the other members who have joined the class.
• The fitness trainers will always be ready to encourage you through the shout-outs as you continue performing the exercises.
• The other great thing about the mirror workout is that the Mirror syncs with Spotify. Syncing allows you to listen to your best workout tracks, as you perform the exercises.



All of these features and benefits make it fun to work out from home. And don’t we all deserve some fun when we workout?

Reasons To Invest In The Mirror For Your Workouts



Next up, let’s talk about a few reasons why this workout might be an excellent investment.

Interesting Music

One of the reasons some people avoid the gym is because the music in some gyms doesn’t fit their preference. Through the Mirror, there are curated playlists from which you can choose your favorite playlist.



Also, you have the option to put on the music that you enjoy. Enjoyable music makes your workout more exciting because you have music that motivates you. The Mirror allows you to have a personalized experience, which increases the probability of you working out more frequently.

Work Out With Friends

Another compelling reason to do mirror workouts is that it allows you to work out with your friends without the need to meet physically. Can you imagine how fun that is? Through the live sessions, you can cheer your friends on, as all of you work out. The Mirror makes the whole workout experience fun for everyone. You can bond with some of your friends who live in different countries or throughout the states.





The mirror workout is so convenient. Why do I say this? You get to:

• Work out in the comfort of your home without having to struggle with traffic.
• Save a lot of time, which you would have used to get to the gym.
• Not worry about the cleanliness at your gym as a result of your sharing equipment with other gym members.
• Plan your time accordingly by scheduling your workout session at any time of the day or night.

Who doesn’t love convenience? If you haven’t been working out because you have limited access to a gym, invest in the mirror workout.

Reasons To Invest In The Mirror For Your Workouts (Continued)




The Mirror addresses everyone’s needs. Whether you want weight loss or weight gain exercises, you don’t have to worry. You can customize your workout plans and derive a lot from the mirror workout system.

There are also plenty of personal touches with the personal trainer when it comes to the workouts.



The Mirror gives you real-time feedback and hence, allows you to analyze your progress in terms of calorie burn statistics and your target score. The live feedback is essential because it directly tells you whether you are headed towards the right or wrong direction as far as your fitness goals are concerned.

You also get to explore other fitness programs such as yoga. In short, the mirror workout is a significant investment, which isn’t limited in any way. It is like bringing a whole gym to your home.

Disadvantages Of The Mirror Workout



The Mirror is not for everyone. The reason for this is because it is costly. You need to subscribe to access the workouts. Also, you need to sign up to get exercises that will last you for a year.

If you don’t have that much money, it will make sense to enroll in a gym or YouTube videos as opposed to doing the Mirror workout. The good thing about joining in the traditional gym is that the enrollment fee may be cheaper. Besides, the gym will have all the resources that you need while reducing expenses on your side.

Depending on the exercises you are doing, you might be required to purchase workout equipment. For example, if you want to join the yoga classes, you may need to buy a yoga mat to perform the exercises well. Exercises such as strength training require you to purchase dumbbells or resistance bands.

Disadvantages Of The Mirror Workout (Continued)



Apart from spending tons of cash to install the Mirror (if you like a seamless look in your home), you still need more capital (to the tune of $1500) to buy the equipment. The mirror workout is, therefore, great for someone who has discretionary income.

If you don’t earn enough disposable income, investing in the Mirror may not be the best idea. HOWEVER… you may want to check out the website and Mirror’s IG. The company was offering just $42/month with $0 down and $0 interest! Don’t know how long that will last… but worth a shot!

Nevertheless, gyms will also at least provide you with all the materials you need, such as weights and treadmills. You only need to pay the enrollment fees and show up. With Mirror… not so.



Also… Since you will be doing your workouts from home, you might quickly get bored; and especially if you love and feed off bonding with people. Some people will prefer the gym because they get a chance to make new friends with those they share the same interests. Unfortunately, this is not the case when you choose the mirror workout.

Most times, the parties present will be the personal trainer and you. If you get motivated when you see other people working hard to achieve their goals in the gym, then investing in the Mirror may not be ideal.

Who Is The Loser?



With every innovation, there is always a loser. When it comes to the mirror workout, the traditional health clubs are the losers. Most people will now opt to work out from home. They choose to save the money they would have used to enroll at the gym.



For the traditional health clubs to remain competitive, they have to invest in more advanced workout equipment to retain their members. The extra cost is passed on to the consumer because pieces of equipment tend to be expensive.

The mirror workout has revolutionized the fitness industry in many ways. If you want to work out from the comfort of your home and you have the funds, then, by all means, go ahead and invest in the Mirror, you won’t regret it.


We hope that you have had fun learning all about the Mirror! Now why don’t you really get a chance to see this baby in action. Sometimes before making a big purchase, seeing is believing, so enjoy the following video!

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