Milk Makeup Color Chalks -Buildable Hues for Lips, Cheeks + Eyelids!

Milk Makeup Color Chalks 7
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Milk Makeup Color Chalks


School is in session and Milk Makeup is about to give you a serious makeup education! The Milk Makeup Color Chalks have arrived to bless your face with 14 spell-binding hues to enhance your eyes, lips and gorgeous cheeks! Formulated to be buildable in order to give you the color payoff you rightfully deserve.

The Color Chalks shade range is immense from bright and bold, to dark and alluring. In this color lineup you are sure to find a tone that fits your makeup shade preference. Furthermore, the shade names are BEYOND fitting.



When you think of chalk your mind is most likely transported back to your sidewalk days as a kid. Building and making rainbows, Tic Tac Toe and hopscotch games outside. Also, you can’t forget the days of the black top recess at school. Therefore, Milk Makeup is fanning the flames of childhood nostalgia with chalk inspired beauty names sure to make you smile. The 14 color choices are:

  • Skateboard -Noire Black
  • Trampoline -Pewter
  • Double Dutch -Brown
  • Freeze – Silver
  • Kickball – Bronze
  • Jump – Copper
  • Hopscotch – Champagne
  • Tag – Rich Creamy Beige
  • Hula Hoop – Lilac Taupe
  • Dodgeball – Dusty Pink

Milk Makeup Color Chalks -Buildable Hues for Lips, Cheeks + Eyelids!


Milk Makeup Color Chalks


So how does this makeup product work? Ever had a eyeshadow palette where you just liked one color? Well… Long gone are the days of having to buy an entire palette for the color you really want. Milk’s Color Chalks can give you palette level color in a big range of color choices. Regarding their new colorful products Milk Makeup reveals,

“Meet Color Chalk. Chalk it up. It’s a clean, extruded powder pigment in a solid stick format that glides on smooth for buildable payoff on eyes, cheeks, lips. It comes in a peel-off wrapper and portable reusable tube so you can take it with you anywhere.

Color Chalk is here to bring you silky, shimmering payoff…no shadow palette necessary. The extruded powder pigment comes in solid stick format so you can be your very own artist. Swipe it onto your eyelids, cheeks, lips, and beyond. How will you get creative with Color Chalk?

Each one of our new Color Chalks is handmade, which means no two look exactly the same. Glide onto eyelids, cheeks, lips, or beyond for buildable shimmering payoff. They come in a peel-off wrapper and portable reusable tube. Collect all 14 shades for a cute group shot.

Silky. Shimmering. Smooooooth. Just a few ways we like to describe new Color Chalk. It’s pigment plus payoff. 14 shades of buildable pretty pigment ready to play.”

So Then to Recap – Important Details to Remember About This Launch



We know that the above has been a lot of information and details to remember. Plus, there’s a few more cool things to know. Therefore, to make it easy for you guys to keep track of everything we thought we should just do a quick Beauty Recap.

That way you can always come back and quickly consult this part of the article to get up to speed! So here goes:

  • The easy-to-apply solid chalk stick provides silky, shimmering payoff and builds for bolder color.
  • The 14 shades can be used wet or dry.
  • Use as eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip color, blush, or highlighter.
  • Blend with fingers or brush.
  • Comes in a peel-off wrapper and protective, portable reusable flip top tube so you’re not left with unnecessary packaging, pan, or palette waste.
  • Tube is made of recyclable materials.



Milk Makeup Color Chalks- When, Where and What’s the Cost?

Okay loves, so now you have the details on this awesome makeup drop. But now it’s time to get some nitty gritty. The price, the place and when the drop shall occur!

Let’s start with the when and where shall we? There’s two dates you need to remember, one for the online release and the other for the in-store one. Beginning on February 5th you can purchase the Color Chalks online at as well as at On February 12th it will be available in store at SEPHORA.

The cost? We think it’s a fair and good one. Each chalk can be yours for under $20. Currently, Milk has set the price point at $18.


Milk Makeup Color Chalks 7


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