Military Style Is All The Rage

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Make a style statement – not war!

Hazel, olive, crisp white, and jet black will have you stepping onto fashion’s frontline with Autumn’s boldest trend. Whether you go for a canvas vest or slip into a jumpsuit: Canyon River Blues, Metaphor, and East & Lo has it all to complete your military grade look.

The hottest fashion trend which is IN these days is the Military style. This trend has brought a revolution in the fashion industry. From jackets to shirts and pants, from accessories to boots and shoes, everything is available with an army touch.

This is probably one of the biggest style statements of the year.

Military clothing designates a uniform, which creates a sense of identity and individuality. Nevertheless, fashion is about expressing the uniqueness of one’s personality.

Military fashion has always been a part of the men’s fashion world, but this time it will be a powerful style for women as well. I have spotted many top celebs and models flaunting the sexy and sizzling fashion staple on the street.


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