Mielle Organics Edge Gel - Control and Grow Your Edges!

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Mielle Organics Edge Gel

A few months back, we featured Mielle Organics Edge Gel because, well, it’s the tick tick bomb. Also, because of it’s ability to whip baby hairs into serious submission! However, this product can do more than just provide control.

Want longer hair? Un huh, we thought that might get your attention! Read on to learn how this amazing edge control gel can also promote hair growth!

Mielle Organics Edge Gel – Control and Grow Your Edges

Mielle Organics Edge Gel

Say what?! The rumors are true, an edge control gel that can not only help reduce breakage; but, stimulate your strands in order to experience more length. How?

The magic is all in the Mielle Organics Edge Gel formula. The Mielle Organics brand briefly shared all the details by stating,

“Have you tried our Honey [and Ginger] Edge Gel? It’s the slick edge slayer! Ginger has potent antimicrobial and nourishing properties that will tackle hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Honey is an emollient so it helps to seal in moisture to keep your edges moisturized. It also reduces breakage, which  is often a cause for slower hair growth. [Our product is] available at Target.”

Mielle Organics Edge Gel

Pretty awesome right? Furthermore, as any hair professional will tell you, growing hair requires a few keys. You need to keep tresses moisturized, you must maintain length (meaning no breakage) and encourage growth. As one can see, Mielle’s gel product can accomplish all three. In review it’s unique formula possesses:

  • Honey– An emollient that helps seal in moisture in order to keep edges hydrated. Also, reduces breakage, which is often a cause for slower hair growth.
  • Ginger– A potent antimicrobial which also contains nourishing properties that can tackle hair fall as well as stimulate growth.

Mielle Organics Edge Gel

Got it? Great! So then, be sure to add this all natural product to your hair care arsenal. It retails for $13.

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