Spotted: Michelle Obama Covers Good Housekeeping January 2019 Issue!

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Michelle Obama Covers Good Housekeeping January 2019

With a best-seller book under her belt; gorgeous former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, is also adding yet another stunning mag cover to her collection. Michelle Obama Covers Good Housekeeping January 2019 issue — and she is revealing even more exclusive details! Such as? Well, readers will learn of more details regarding Obama’s life inside and now outside the White House; and just good ol’ advice from the most educated First Lady in history.

Michelle Obama Covers Good Housekeeping January 2019 Issue

Does Michelle have a favorite White House moment? Well, after living there for almost a decade we are sure she has several. Yet, Obama tells Good Housekeeping,

“It’s impossible to single out one day, because there were so many good ones, but something that always made me feel good was being around children and young people. We made sure that kids — ordinary kids, not just the kids of a donor or a Congressman — had access to folks like Justin Timberlake; Janelle Monae; and Smokey Robinson talking about the doubts and struggles they fought through; giving their time to inspire young people.

I’d walk away from those events so hopeful. Who knows what dreams these kids could have for themselves after that!”

As one can see, while at the White House, the Obamas were kept extremely busy with various engagements. Nevertheless, what about now? Has things eased up? On how much rest she is able to get now, Michelle states,

“Thankfully, more (and it’s more regular). I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity that living in the White House afforded us; but it probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone that sometimes it was a real challenge to keep up with the pace.

We’d be launching an initiative, or crisscrossing the country for campaign events; or visiting a community that was hurting from a tornado or a senseless shooting –sometimes all in a two-or-three-day span. Then, on top of the demands of our schedules, I’d usually need to wake up long before Barack to get my hair and makeup done and dress for a public event.

I laugh about how easy it was for Barack to choose his wardrobe –tie or no tie? ‘What do you think, honey, should I roll up my sleeves?’ These days, I’m more in control of my time.”

Michelle Obama Covers Good Housekeeping January 2019 Issue (Continued)

Michelle Obama Covers Good Housekeeping January 2019

With just about 24 million Instagram followers, it is clear that Michelle Obama comes across super approachable. Being loved by many all around the world, regardless of their culture, race or backrounds. Nevertheless, what about those who may struggle to be as “magnetic?”

“The best advice I can give here is the simplest: I think everyone just has to be themselves. Of course, it’s not always easy to be yourself, particularly if you’re entering a new environment.”

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