Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro and Daily Renewal Serum-GLOW UP!

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Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro

We liked it so much we wished we could get like Queen Bey and put a ring on it! Honestly girls, if you are looking for a no fuss, unproblematic way to get smoother, fresher, luminous skin; then look no further than the Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro! This baby is a skincare dream!

Specially designed to quickly and effectively hydrate the skin more proficiently than ever before. Since let’s face it, it’s important. We are all living in a selfie, social media world and good skin, translates into better pics. So then, do yourself a beauty favor and give your skin, Insta and iPhone camera a real edge.

Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro and Daily Renewal Serum

Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro

Now, if you are still using your fingertips to rub in your moisturizer that is like… so 2015 (LOL). The new school way is to utilize a little tech in order to help your favorite serums do their thing EVEN better. How so?

Well, the good folks over at Michael Todd Beauty were kind enough to share some skincare intel regarding how their Sonic Eraser Pro helps to improve as well as enhance the condition of your skin. The brand reveals,

“Don’t let your expensive creams and serums go to waste! Our Sonic Eraser Pro utilizes a next generation 3-in-1 delivery system called Triplex Infusion Technology that is clinically validated to apply your skincare products better than by hand to tremendously improve anti-aging results. Get up to 8X better absorption of your skincare products using our Sonic Eraser Pro.

Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro

Did you know that anti-aging ingredients that are meant to be used on the delicate skin on our face work much better when they are penetrated deeper into the skin; and our fingers can’t penetrate these deep enough for them to work at their best? [No worries] and fret no more as Michael Todd Beauty is here to your rescue! This tool will dramatically improve results! 

[Consequently] have you ever wondered why skincare products take so long to become effective? It’s all in the application! Our Sonic Eraser Pro with Triplex Infusion Technology acts as an express delivery system for your creams and serums. Making them work quicker and more effectively.”

Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro and Daily Renewal Serum (Continued)

Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro

Pretty cool right? Furthermore, if you feel a little green or don’t know where to even begin when it comes to serums. You will be happy to know that Michael Todd Beauty sells some pretty awesome ones. We tested out MTB’s Daily Renewal Serum and can report noticeable differences in complexion, radiance and texture. We’re talking about baby smooth skin that makes you want to keep touching your face; but you know you shouldn’t because that can cause acne (haha). But, the point is, it definitely works.

Nevertheless, Michael Todd Beauty also gives the skinny on why you should start using serums as well as why their Daily Renewal Serum is basically the bomb dot com. The beauty label states,

“As we age, we start to lose our complexion’s youthful look. When this happens our face starts to sag, crack and crinkle. All in which can affect the way we reflect light, making us look even older.

To help combat this, we suggest products like our Daily Renewal Serum. This serum is an ideal way to improve the look of your complexion; giving you more radiant, youthful looking skin that reflects light in a beneficial way.

We’re all about younger looking skin and the daily renewal serum does the job! Fortified with essential supplements, antioxidants and peptides; the daily renewal serum is our skin’s little secret to that hydrated, glowing look!”

Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro

Ready to join the Michael Todd Beauty ranks? You can get their products at RileyRose.com. Currently, the Sonic Eraser Pro retails for $119 while the serum may be purchased for $37.

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