Michael Jackson Performs During Billboard Awards 2014

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Michael Jackson Hologram Billboard Awards 2014

The 2014 Billboard Awards were abuzz last night as attendees and millions of viewers awaited to see the biggest musical artist of all time take the stage. It was described as an event where fans would see Michael Jackson like never before. The countdown began, the clock ticked down and then finally the time had arrived.

Precision…it was a familiar start as backup dancers filled the stage in a very militant fashion showing off the unison that had become the trademark of any MJ music video as well performance. Suddenly, the curtains parted revealing the King of Pop fittingly sitting on a throne. Michael began to sing the opening bars to Slave to the Rhythm as a golden luxurious background came into view behind him. It had a very Remember the Time vibe and feel yet felt fresh.

Jackson began to dance and then appeared the famous spins, toe balances and of course moonwalk. How was all of this possible? Jackson’s performance was a special effects feat which utilized the technology of a hologram. Jackson is not the first deceased artist to stun fans by use of a hologram. Rapper Tupac Shukar previously danced and spit his legendary lyrics even being joined by Snoop Lion during Coachella. Such performances always seem to be met by mixed reviews by fans, but still goes to show just how special as well as talented these artists were and that they were gone too soon.

What did you think of Michael Jackson’s performance last night? In case you missed it be sure to check out the video.

Fun Fact: Michael Jackson’s Xscape album is already number one in 50 countries!

Michael Jackson Hologram Billboard Awards 2014