Met Gala 2018: Over 20 Fascinating Facts and Fashion Controversy

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Met Gala 2018

Met Gala 2018 stirred the high-end couture pot like no other fashion event before! Lines between art and religion blurred behind a backdrop of flashing lights and decadent red carpet flair. Celebrities and socialites radiantly posed for photogs; as they allowed their persona to interpret this year’s controversial theme.

Nonetheless, what happened behind the lens and paparazzi is nothing short of a miracle, (no pun intended). Here are the BTS (behind the scenes) stories and facts surrounding some of your favorite looks of the night!

Met Gala 2018 – Rihanna

Met Gala 2018

Sanctuary! Being a badgal, we do not expect Rih to ever play it safe or need fashion saving. Miss Fenty hit the masses with a one-two punch of iconic style. Chew on these Rihanna Met Gala ensemble tidbits:

Tons of Manpower: Laurie Brookins reveals, “Details on Rihanna’s Maison Margiela Artisanal look by John Galliano: A 3 piece ensemble of sculptural jacket and skirt over a bustier dress. All seafoam jacquard embellished with pearls and faux jewels. 250 hours to sew [and] 500 hours to embroider.” Goodness!

Met Gala 2018

Keeping It in the Family: Rihanna’s famed stylist, Mel Ottenberg, is no stranger to fashion royalty and mastermind, John Galliano. In regards to the renown designer Mel states, “John Galliano!!! The goat gave me my first job when I was a baby and designed this epic look for Rihanna tonight. Thank you John.”

Wave Like You Just Don’t Care: Yes, the fit was sick, but an outfit is nothing without great hair! Hairstylist, Yusef Williams ensured that Rih would dazzle from head to toe. In regards to Rih’s amazing hair look, Yusef says, “John Galliano is the inspiration of all inspiration. For this look, I wanted to go back in time and create this Vatican-homage, but with a single finger wave to make it feel modern and more avant garde.”

Met Gala 2018 – Rihanna (Cont.)

Met Gala 2018

They Nailed It: When you are Rihanna you most likely have a village working on your flawless look, right down to the nails! Nonetheless, have you ever wondered how celebs get those serious looking rhinestone and emblem nail designs to stay in place?

Well wonder no more, because we have learned the secret! Red Hot Nails aka Maria Salandra, spilled the deets on Fenty’s Met Gala 2018 nail design. RHN gushes, “It’s amazing to see your creativity come to life, especially if Badgalriri is the inspiration! Thank you again to Tammy Taylor Nails. I am so proud to have partnered with you for this event!

My mentor, my friend and guru of acrylic nails! Thank you to Swarowski for the crystals! The embellishments are secured to the nail with THE ONLY RHINESTONE gel I use, Diamond Gel by Apres Nail.” We are going to cop some stat!

Met Gala 2018 – Rihanna, More Facts on Facts on Facts

Take a Brow: Rihanna’s team does deserve a round of applause for everything they executed and on time no less. One thing that fans certainly noticed was Rih’s different eye brow look. If you guessed bleached brows then you would be correct!

Met Gala 2018

We got the lowdown from the brow genius himself, Damone Roberts! Damone reveals, “And then THIS happened! Rihanna at The Met Gala 2018. When Ri tells you to fly 3,000 miles from L.A. to N.Y; bleach her brows to blend into her skin and STILL have them sculpted to perfection… you do it!

All makeup by Fenty executed to perfection by Priscilla Ono. All brow makeup by Damone Roberts. Brow powder in “Ginger,” Brow Highlighter in “Stone Cold B*tch.” [Get them at]”

Met Gala 2018 – Rihanna, More Facts on Facts on Facts (Cont.)

Met Gala 2018

Hats Away: Couture designer, John Galliano slayed Rihanna’s look during the first Monday of May’s festivities. However, her hat was a loaner. Say what?!

Yes, the verdict is in, Fenty’s now infamous papal, bejeweled hat; is a miter from Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Mister Dolan serves as head of New York’s Roman Catholic diocese.

In regards to loaning out a miter to the pop star, Timothy did confirm that Rihanna did not keep the garment. In fact in an interview with SiriusXM Dolan says, “The news said she was wearing a tiara. [Not correct]. She gave it back to me this morning… She was very gracious.”

Met Gala 2018 – Zendaya

Met Gala 2018


Chain Reaction: Let’s switch up gears in order to gab about another stylish doll! Zendaya Coleman was a starlet who to us, perfectly married the art behind the Gala theme with spellbinding couture. Daya rocked a stunning number designed by the Versace luxury label.

Regarding the design Versace states, “Knight in shining Versace. Zendaya in a Joan of Arc inspired, custom molded Atelier Versace look at the 2018 Met Gala. Featuring gunmetal chainmail embellished with Swarowski crystals, flowing into a feminine fully beaded silk chiffon skirt.”

Met Gala 2018

Such a Gem: Jewelry is an excellent way to add more drama to an ensemble. For her Versace Met Ball after party look; Zendaya wore jewels by Butani. Butani dishes that Daya wore their Butani Diamond and Titanium Hoop earrings. The luxury jewelry and watches brand also loaned diamond studs to fellow singer, Ariana Grande.

Met Gala 2018

Butani enjoys a long history of adding gleaming details to celebrity looks. This just year Butani has been spotted on Jennifer Hudson, actress Kiersy, Mary J. blige and Mariah Carey.

Met Gala 2018 – Tiffany Haddish

Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black or White: Now we are used to singer Janelle Monae’s monochromatic looks. However, Tiffany’s Met Ball outfit could not be ignored either! Haddish walked the red carpet in glittering design by Brandon Maxwell. Brandon revealed the inspiration behind the effortless look.

Met Gala 2018

Maxwell states, “Tiffany’s look was all about purity with a dash of the wild side. One of the very first things you notice when you meet Tiffany is how effortlessly fresh and beautiful she is; a very pure heart with most fun spirit.

Hand made in our studio in New York, she wears an ivory triple layer lapel twill robe with train. [As well as] hand beaded black pearl leopard pants on georgette.”

Met Gala 2018

What is georgette? In short it is a type of fabric. Named after the early 20th century French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante; georgette is a sheer, dull-finished crepe and lightweight fabric. It is made with highly twisted yarns even though originally it was made from silk.

Met Gala 2018 – Dress Up

Met Gala 2018

Tommy x HM: Don’t be fooled by rocks that they got, even celebrities at times dress up up in retailers that us mere mortals wear. For instance, several famous faces strutted the red carpet in custom designs by Tommy Hilfiger as well as H&M.

Met Gala 2018

Tommy dressed models, Joan Smalls and Winnie Harlow. While H&M had a busy night dressing actress Kiersy as well as models, Alek Wek and Jasmine Sanders.

Met Gala 2018

Met Gala 2018 – Controversy and Disgust

While there were those who praised Anna Wintour’s selection or subject of motif. Many others found it inappropriate and simply declasse. This year’s Met Ball theme was, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

Is this really far-fetched or something to be viewed as abominable? Well, throughout history religion has had its powerful display in the art realm. Renaissance anyone? During this popular and distinctive period art pieces often included religious scenes ranging from the birth of Jesus Christ to depictions of his human mother, Mary.

Met Gala 2018

However, paintings and sculptures are one thing. For many believers in God; fashion is an art that is a step too far. This is because fashion is about self-expression and can be manipulated or used as a vehicle to poke fun of something quite serious.

Met Gala 2018 – Controversy and Disgust (Cont.)

Quite a few felt as though the 2018 theme was only dreamt up as a publicity stunt. Nevertheless, here are a few other relative thoughts people had regarding the Gala’s theme and fashions.

“What a disgrace! Mocking religion to create controversy and bring the public’s attention. This is not fashion or art. This is a circus!”

“Super weird.”


“What is this? The met gala theme was basically Catholicism.”

“This is so weird lmao.”

“The worst!!!”

“Why why why?? Even if it horrible, and looks terrible, just because its HER, everyone is “OMG THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO HUMANITYYYY!! Why?”

“RIDICULOUS. This is no longer a gala but a circus.”

“I bet they wouldn’t make fun of other religions, but of course they chose the catholics because they won’t make a major fuss.”

“Awfully horrible.”

“So disrespectful.”

“Vatican is gonna be pissed.”

“It’s blasphemous.”

“Not nice. You guys how and why this theme? Have respect!”

Met Gala 2018 – Controversy and Disgust, Final Thoughts

Met Gala 2018

The Met Museum wants to put everyone at ease with their latest exhibit. The museum assures all that it is not a mockery; but a display of the undeniable connection between art and religious couture.

The Met Museum states,

“The exhibition will feature a dialogue between fashion and medieval art. From The Met Collection to examine fashion’s ongoing engagement with the devotional practices and traditions of Catholicism.

Heavenly Bodies on view from May 10 through October 8 at The Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Collection.”

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