Men's Fashion: Bacrelli Neckwear

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Bacrelli Neckwear

Every month in our issues of 1966 Magazine we highlight menswear ensembles in our Get Your Man Right feature. We aim to keep you in the know, so that your man is good from head-to-toe. We recently discovered an amazing accessory line for men and we just had to blog about it.

Bacrelli Neckwear is a luxury line that consists of everything from silk ties to custom made bow ties. Each piece is hand-made making it not only posh, but unique. We had a chance to talk to the man behind Bacrelli, Timothy Moore and found out his fashion inspiration as well as more details of his immaculate accessories.

“From childhood, I watched this well groomed, debonair and (Oh, so suave!) well-dressed man leave and come home from work everyday. His shoes were shined, his tie and handkerchief perfect. Let us not forget that fedora hat he wore or his favorite Dobb’s. That’s what taught me style. I learned from my father that how you dress, says a lot about who you are and what you stand for. Top to bottom, every step you take makes a difference when you look your very best.

My family-owned business of men’s custom-made, silk ties and accessories makes Bacrelli™ neck wear available to the public. We provide impeccable service and our products builds self-esteem on your wedding day, high school prom, anniversary or whatever the occasion. Take a look at our high quality neck wear in cutting edge online haberdashers and we promise to help you every step of the way.”

If you would like to find out more about Bacrelli please visit Moreover, look out for our more in-depth article on the Bacrelli accessory line in a future issue of 1966 Magazine. Scroll down to see a few more photos of Bacrelli neckwear and as always stay classy!

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