Melt Cosmetics Undertone Noods-The Most Unique Neutral Lipcolor EVER!

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Melt Cosmetics Undertone Noods

So are y’all ready to “fall” into some new lip colors!? Melt is bringing the heat from summer on into the autumn season with their newest MAJOR release. Prepare the coins for this one dolls… Melt Cosmetics Undertone Noods — is a liquid lipstick inspired by the undertones found in makeup foundations; in order to give your lips a finish like they have never experienced before!

Melt Cosmetics Undertone Noods-The Most Unique Neutral Lipcolor EVER

If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again; Undertones is the new black! While for decades liquid lipstick has been mainly about two things: matte or shine. Liquid lip color is now moving into a new era.

The company leading the charge? It’s the good people and innovators over at Melt. What is so awesome is that for this release, they truly stepped outside of the typical lipstick box.

No gimmicks. No let’s just slap sparkle in it formula. Just a real creative look into how to reimagine neutral tones.

Before, we get into the innovative part, let’s talk what you can expect. First of all, it is 5 new dope colors to add to your makeup lip arsenal. What are the shades? There are (BTW these descriptions are straight from Melt Cosmetics):

  • Golden– A warm beige with an olive-yellow undertone. We love how versatile Golden is! You can add her to the center of your lip over a darker color, like Chestnut to add dimension to the lips; and make them look fuller. Or wear her alone for a quick no fuss lip.
  • Fawn– Medium almond with a cool undertone. We love this unique toned lipstick. She’ll add a little edge to any look.
  • Ginger– Vibrant rusty red-brown with a warm neutral undertone. Adding a little spice… We’re preparing for fall early and our Undertone Nood in Ginger might just be our go-to autumn lip!
  • Chestnut– A rich sable brown with a golden undertone. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate brown liquid lip! Chestnut is the perfect brown for all skin tones!
  • Ebony– A robust deep espresso with a cool undertone. We’re really feeling dark liquid lips in this summer heat. Dark lips are the new bold lip.

Melt Cosmetics Undertone Noods

Send Noods… To Your Makeup Bags!

As one can see, these tones are PERFECT for the fall season. They harmonize gorgeously with what people normally expect to see during autumn. Think of the colors that come to mind as leaves are changing colors.

The browns, the coppers, auburn, burnt orange and warm charcoal. All the colors that make you want to pull out a sweater, cuddle up in a blanket and drink something; anything, with some pumpkin in it.

These new Melt Undertone Noods are sure to look AMAZING with all your fall OOTDs. Moreover, if you wish to stop playing and just go head and get all 5 new colors. You can.

Melt Cosmetics is offering a nifty little box set (you know, that coveted PR Box); of all 5 Undertone Noods. The cost? Currently, you can your hands on one for just $65. Not bad in terms of box makeup prices. Nonetheless, as promised we’ll now get into why this release is different from other ones currently on the market. Leggo!

Undertone Noods -Facts on Facts

In makeup neutrals are amazing; because it allows you to go straight up dramatic on other parts of your face, while not having an all out competition going on all over. For instance, if you are playing up your eyes; you can keep things nice and simple with a flesh tone lip. Aka… a nude or “neutral” lip.

The issue… is that the neutral, nude lip for YEARS only came in one hue; beige. This left out a TON of people who do not fall into that category. If you were darker you ran the risk of looking like a famous Dave Chappelle character; (we’re sure you can guess which one, if not, Google; trust it won’t be hard lol).

Nevertheless, like Foundation, neutral lip colors are also gradually taking a turn for the better. Foundations ranges that used to be smaller are finally growing larger. Thanks to cosmetics leaders such as Fenty Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Iman Cosmetics and Makeup Forever “inclusion” is at an all time high.

Which is why these new Melt liquid lipsticks are so exciting! They are literally taking their cue from the expansive  and inclusive foundation range revolution! How?

To start, we’ll allow the brand itself to give you some key facts and inspiration deets about their Undertone Noods lipstick. Melt Cosmetics reveals,

“They’re live! Come grab your Noods! Undertone Noods. Inspired by the distinct undertones of foundation; a range of Liquid Set Lipsticks in warm, neutral, cool and olive shades. These are not your typical neutrals; these are the Undertone Noods. We can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on [these]!”

Want a better peek at this lineup? Check out our quick beauty trailer below!

Undertone Noods Facts Continued

Got that? Undertones, they actually care about our undertones people! How important is it to give consideration to undertones in makeup? Uhm… try, it’s like everything! It is as simple as this: If you REALLY want to make your skin glow, smile sparkle and also your eyes pop; then you MUST use cosmetics that compliment not only your skin tone; but undertone as well.

Not really sure what undertone means? Well, undertone basically is the subdued color underneath your skin’s surface. It is an underlying color. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what your skin color is you also possess an undertone. And it is either cool, warm or neutral. It is normally broken down like this:

  • Cool -pink, red or bluish
  • Warm– yellow, peachy, golden undertones
  • Neutral- a mix of warm and cool undertones

Furthermore, the magic of all of this is a gorgeous look to your makeup. Since when your makeup look matches both your skin color and your undertone; there is no way you can’t achieve a beautiful result!

Therefore, a lip product that plays off all of this; is one that is trying to give you a fabulous lip look. Pretty cool right? We thought so too. Nevertheless, we digress, so then let’s get to price.

How Much for Melt Cosmetics Undertone Noods?

As mentioned before you can get all 5 Melt Noods for just $65. But, they are also available a la carte. Each Melt Cosmetics Undertone Noods currently retails for $19. Happy shopping everyone!

HEY YOU! Money a little tight? Relax, it happens! Nevertheless, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this launch! Melt Cosmetics offers Sezzle! Sezzle makes it possible to pay in installments; instead of the full price right off the bat. For example, since their Noods is $19; YOU only pay 4 interest-free payments of $4.75! So girl go ahead and get your lipstick on, you know you want to!

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