Melissa Hibbert Authors Face Your Beauty Book -Never Settle in Life Again!

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Melissa Hibbert Authors Face Your Beauty

Bad things happen. However, your life does not have to be defined by unfortunate experiences. You can take control and see not only the beauy in yourself; but in life in general. Beauty professional to stars such as Angela Simmons; Melissa Hibbert Authors Face Your Beauty. A book about reshaping how you view yourself so that you can officially get up and over any humps.

Melissa Hibbert Authors Face Your Beauty Book -Never Settle in Life Again

What can you expect from “Face Your Beauty?” Melissa Hibbert recently shared her journey in writing her latest literary work and what readers will be able to gain from it. She states,

“I will never settle again! Writing my book “Face Your Beauty” has been quite cathartic. You see, when you Face Your Beauty, it’s an affirmatio and declaration that I am Whole; I am worthy, and I am Loved. This is how we honor the Beauty within.

When we won that to be our truth, nothing or no one can take that away. And if you feel they have, you’ll fine healing, inspiration and restoration inside the pages of my upcoming book. Nothing we have been through has been wasted. It has shaped you and molded you into who you’re truly meant to be. The pain will birth your purpose if you trust the process.

So no, I’ll never settle again. I’ll never apologize for having standards and boundaries. I’ll never ignore and romanticize the “red flags” and I’ll trust my inner GPS that guides me. The beautiful instincts that we are born with; I’ve learned to trust it and I’ll never settle again.”

As one can see, this newest book by beauty expert Melissa Hibbert is one that is near and dear to her heart. Want to get a copy of it to read in your leisure? Right now you can pre-order “Face Your Beauty” at The official release date is summer 2019.

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