Megaformer vs Reformer -What Really Is the Difference in Workouts?

Megaformer vs Reformer
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Megaformer vs Reformer

Megaformer vs Reformer, what really are the differences between the two? Right off the bat we want to be clear that in terms of workout results; one is not necessarily better than the other. It boils down to preference and what you are personally wanting to achieve. You will still sweat, burn, scream and beg for mercy on either machine.

Furthermore, in many ways the Reformer can do basically everything the Megaformer can do. However, to be honest the Megaformer is kind of like the Reformer times one hundred. Many will even say that it is like the Reformer on crack. If you thought working out on a Reformer brings tears; just hold our beer… we mean dumbbell (wink, wink).

Megaformer vs Reformer -What Really Is the Difference in Workouts

Yes, using a Reformer machine will make your pilates workout more challenging and effective. Yet, the Megaformer is just simply even worse (in terms of exertion). This is because it was created in order to merge pilates with cardio, just in a low impact way.

This means that on a Megaformer machine your heart rate is going to be way higher. Therefore, besides toning and strengthening your muscles; you are going to be engaging in quite a heart-pounding workout.

The Duchess of Sussex slim figure has been credited to the use of the Megaformer along with other celebrities such as Winnie Harlow and Chrissy Teigen. Only adding to the hype of such workouts. However, the hype is real because the results are real. You can’t fake these types of results; if you truly dedicate yourself to the Megaformer you are definitely going to notice a difference in appearance.

The Workouts

We asked the pros for some honest intel on Reformer and Megaformer workouts. Here are our findings:

Megaformer: Not for beginners, but if you have the guts, blood, glory and will, go for it! It is a workout that focuses on full body strength as you move and transition fast through moves to burn your muscles out. A super intense workout with the ability to have a higher resistance than a Reformer. You will seriously work every inch your core during the entire class.

Reformer: WAY more beginner friendly! If you love traditional Pilates then you will love this machine. It will help you focus on lengthening, flexibility, stretching as well as toning using a light to medium resistance. Do not be fooled. Just because you are doing a ton of stretching moves; does not mean this type of workout will be a piece of cake. It will still challenge you plenty; and if you want to work into things a bit, most studios have an “introductory” or beginners class to show you the ropes.

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