Meet Briogeo CEO Nancy Twine - Hair Industry's Natural Sensation!

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Meet Briogeo CEO Nancy Twine - Hair Industry's Natural Sensation

On a yearly basis black girls spend millions of dollars on hair care and related products. Hair is a lucrative industry that is quite “untapped” when it comes to black female entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, in recent years there has been a real push and emergence of boss ladies who are helping to change the scene for good. Therefore, today meet Briogeo CEO Nancy Twine, the hair industry’s natural sensation!

Meet Briogeo CEO Nancy Twine – Hair Industry’s Natural Sensation

Here are a few quick facts on Briogeo CEO Nancy Twine Hair Care line. Her products use natural ingredients and are available in the States as well as Canada. She sales a very impressive variety of products including shampoo, conditioner, heat protector, deep conditioning hair mask, overnight hair treatment and much, much more.

You can purchase Briogeo products by going here. Also, feel free to head to your local mall because Briogeo is sold at Sephora too! Thanks to hair pioneers like Nancy it is becoming easier to get great products without harmful ingredients.

Meet Briogeo CEO Nancy Twine - Hair Industry's Natural Sensation2

Briogeo CEO Nancy Twine

Nancy would like everyone to know more about her and her awesome hair products. Here is what she had to say:

“Hi guys! I’m Nancy Twine, the founder and CEO of Briogeo Hair Care. I’ve been lucky to have met a handful of Briogeo fans during events and visits to many of the stores that carry our brand. But the truth of the matter is, most of you don’t know who I am and I’m hoping to fix that.

I’m a pretty behind-the-scenes type od person and have been so focused on the backstage elements of the brand. Like with our team of chemists to create awesome new formulas we hope you fall in love with or helping to support our small team of 4 kickass women in our NYC office. But despite all of that, I think its super important that I get to know you and you get to know me.

I’ll be sprinkling some behind-the-scenes  love on our IG page more often so you can get a firsthand glimpse into what goes into creating and building a beauty brand. Also, the unfiltered realness of what it’s like to be a 30-something-year old running a business in NYC. Wherever this journey leads I’m excited to share it with you. Nice to meet you. 🙂 xx, Nancy.”

The Last Word

Seeing women like Briogeo CEO Nancy Twine excites us about future possibilities. We hope stories like this will encourage more black girls to help take back the hair industry. We set trends, pay TONS for hair products and yet do not own many hair companies or beauty supply stores.

Let’s put an end to this business trend and start getting a piece of the pie that we are helping to make on a daily business. Its our hair, our money and we should be apart of the success as well. Thank you Nancy Twine for your tireless efforts and example showing us all that it can be done and done well! Go girl!

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