Maybelline SNAPSCARA -Apply and Remove This Mascara FAST!

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Maybelline SNAPSCARA

Once upon a time there was a clump-free mascara that was easy to apply and take off in seconds, thus allowing it’s wearer to live happily lashed out forever. The end. WAKE UP LADIES THIS IS NO FAIRYTALE! The good people over at Maybelline really finally did it. The Maybelline SNAPSCARA is the brand’s very first mascara with a formula that’s a cinch to put on and not a pain to take off.

Maybelline SNAPSCARA

Moreover, it doesn’t just come in boring black either. Step up your lash game with several different tones sure to make your eyes POP. Also, with these mascaras being under $10 it has never been so easy to add a new amazing item to your beauty bag!

Maybelline SNAPSCARA -Apply and Remove This Mascara FAST

Maybelline SNAPSCARA

Sounds to good to be true? That’s because it almost kinda is. For years, us makeup lovers have toiled with the same old mascaras that either didn’t work period or left our lashes looking like a scarecrow. However, Maybelline wants to end those days for good with SNAPSCARA. Regarding their new mascara release the cosmetics company reveals,

“Say hello to SNAPSCARA, the newest member of our mascara fam. When we asked for your mascara must-haves; most of you wanted smooth, clump-free volume and that’s exactly what this formula provides!

The best part about the new SNAPSCARA? It goes on and comes off in a snap. This is our first ever easy-on, easy-off formula. So you won’t spend any extra time tugging at your lashes in the morning or scrubbing off your mascara at night.

Maybelline SNAPSCARA

It’s not just mascara, it’s our new SNAPSCARA. Available in 4 wax-free shades that makes removal a breeze. [Plus] we’re so excited to show you these shades! The new SNAPSCARA is available in ‘pitch black’, ‘deja blue’, ‘black cherry’, and ‘ultra violet.’

Get killer lashes in a snap! The pointed wand of our new SNAPSCARA glides right on, coating every lash without clumping! Leaves lashes looking smooth, clump-free and volumized. SNAPSCARA is the mascara you’ve been waiting for!”

Maybelline SNAPSCARA

With a product as awesome as this you expect it to sell out. Unfortunately, it did. However, Maybelline promises more to be available soon with SNAPSCARA also launching globally this January. So then, keep your eyes peeled and get yours on AMAZON or at Ulta. Each SNAPSCARA currently retails for $5.99.

Maybelline SNAPSCARA

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