Maybelline New York Master Glaze By FaceStudio

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Maybelline New York Master Glaze By FaceStudio Make a Mauve-2

1966 Magazine Editor Alicia Suggs dishes on her new favorite beauty product and explains why it could just be your next beauty buy as well.

1966: Okay Alicia so tell us about this product that you are obsessed with now.

Alicia: Alright, it’s called Maybelline New York Master Glaze By FaceStudio and the shade that I am currently wearing in the picture is Make a Mauve.  I love it because at times I have such a hard time finding a blush that will give me a more natural flush. I have a very yellow undertone to my skin so applying strong red or super pink blushes makes me look like Homie the Clown (laughs). Not a good look!

1966: What type of blush do you normally wear then?

Alicia: I usually just stick to a blush that is more peachy-orange. I find that such a shade is more universally pleasing on all skin tones so I stick to that family of tints. However, I love the look of rosy cheeks on women, to me it gives such a youthful, fresh look to the skin.

1966: Agreed. So then, why do you recommend Maybelline New York Master Glaze?

Alicia: If you have a strong undertone like me, you already know the struggle. This product seems to almost diffuse the yellow undertone giving me a nice warm complexion. Also, it lasts and stays on all day without having to reapply which helps save on product and money in the end.

1966: Thanks Alicia for taking the time the share and everyone go check out Maybelline New York Master Glaze by FaceStudio!

Maybelline New York Master Glaze By FaceStudio Make a Mauve