Maybelline Brow Extensions Pomade Crayon-Real Fibers in Every Swipe!

Maybelline Brow Extensions
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Maybelline Brow Extensions


Maybelline Brow Extensions isn’t playing around when it comes to giving your eyebrows a complete and total makeover! In the past, the best we could do is use a brow pencil to fill in any gaps or create shapes. Then, things got a little better as brands started to improve beauty tools to help us achieve a more groomed individual lash result.



Now however, the game has changed yet again! We all no the power of fibers in makeup. It is what has helped many of us achieve a faux eyelash look, without glue or magnetic features. Maybelline is applying that effect to their brow pencils now. Giving users a more natural looking finish in half the time!

Maybelline Brow Extensions Pomade Crayon-Real Fibers in Every Swipe


Maybelline Brow Extensions


How does it work? In response to this question Maybelline states,

“Brows so THICC. Our new Brow Extensions pomade crayon is packed with little hair like fibers for a salon style treatment you can get instantly at home! When we say fiber PACKED, we mean it! Our crayon has small hair like fibers in the formula that adhere to your brows for a naturally thicker look!

Our first Brow Extensions in a stick. Meet the fiber packed pomade crayon that delivers thick, natural looking eyebrows instantly. Brow Extensions thickens as it colors. Available in six fiber infused shades: Light Blonde, Blonde, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Deep Brown and Black Brown.



Our Brow Extensions pomade crayon glides on easily and the hair like fibers adheres to your brows for fuller looking arches with a natural, matte finish.”

Sounds amazing right? Especially, during quarantine and a lot of spas and salons are shutdown. Now you can still get the eyebrow makeup look you love at home. Maybelline’s Brow Extension currently retails for $7.99 each.



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