Marvel's Anthony Mackie Takes Flight...Without His Wings at Disney World!

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Marvel's Anthony Mackie Takes Flight...Without His Wings at Disney World

It’s been called the happiest place on earth and numerous athletes have proudly proclaimed as well as vowed to take a trip to this magical Kingdom after winning a huge sporting event. Yes, we are talking about Disney World aka The Walt Disney World Resort. We love a good fun fact so here are few to store to wow your friends later with or when you go visit:

1. Disney World is big, like really big…it can be compared to two Manhattans or the size of San Francisco!

2. It used to cost less than $4 dollars to enter the park (when it first opened), but now expect around $100 or more if you would like to park hop.

3. EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (yeah, say that five times fast).

4. Disney World employs a lot of cast members (the cutesy name for workers) and is actually the largest single-site employer in the U.S.

5. Do you like staying at Disney’s numerous hotels? Well, it would take you about 70 years to stay in one night in every hotel room…that’s a lot of rooming!

Alright dolls so back to the subject at hand… our dear Mr. Anthony Mackie. Anthony was vacationing with his family this week at The Walt Disney World Resort and was spotted flying without the aid of his Marvel character’s wings. In the Avenger’s series and opposite Captain America Anthony plays Falcon that utilizes a special set of mechanical wings to take care of business.

Nevertheless, no mechanical contraptions were necessary as Mackie enjoyed a ride Astro Orbiter. Mackie was all smiles and seemed to be enjoying the fresh air. It’s always cool to have a little fun and feel free like a kid again. Have fun Anthony!