Makeup Eraser THE SPONGE -First Ever Machine Washable Makeup Sponge!

Makeup Eraser THE SPONGE
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Makeup Eraser THE SPONGE



It’s fun to put makeup on, but GAWD is it just the “pits” sometimes taking it all off! Moreover, cleaning your beauty tools can be even more of a makeup headache. Nevertheless, Makeup Eraser is here to save the day with their products designed to achieve easy makeup removal and cleaning. Trust us, your makeup tools cleaning prayers have now been answered with the Makeup Eraser The Sponge!


Makeup Eraser THE SPONGE


Yes, this baby is considered to be the very first machine washable makeup sponge. So instead of engaging in a messy sink session; you can just toss this makeup sponge in with the rest of your clothes on the weekend. Moreover, some overall highlights of THE SPONGE include that it is:

  • Machine Washable
  • No Special Cleansers Needed
  • Reusable
  • Lasts 2x Longer
  • Wet or Dry Makeup Application
  • Saves Money

Makeup Eraser THE SPONGE -First Ever Machine Washable Makeup Sponge



As one can see this is not your average makeup sponge. We went to the source to find out a few more details for you guys. Regarding THE SPONGE, Makeup Eraser reveals,

“The SPONGE is uniquely designed to be non-absorbent; aka wasting less of your makeup! Use wet or dry for a flawless application. Crafted to last 2x longer than other sponges.



THE SPONGE will expand nearly 2x in size when wet. Can be used wet or dry, use THE SPONGE wet to create a sheer finish. The dryer your sponge, the fuller the coverage. Machine wash approximately once a week in your washball. Set includes 1 sponge and 1 washball for $18. Available at Sephora.”



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