Make Bedtime Reading A Habit

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Make Bedtime Reading A Habit

Reading a bedtime story to your children every night can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and children. I remember my mom reading to me at night and it was always my favorite time of the day. One of the best books she read was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I could just imagine myself cruising down the chocolate river, chilling with the oompa loompas.​

Reading to your children will help expand their minds by taking them to different places, different environments and whole new worlds without leaving the comfort of your home. Their imaginations will grow and their creative juices to flow.​

It also will help them to develop good reading comprehension. Hearing you pronouncing words and reading them with feeling will help them improve the ability to understand ideas, grasp the meaning of the words, form correct sentences and use proper grammar. In addition, they will learn to love to read for themselves which is a good habit for them to establish.​

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Perhaps the greatest benefit to reap from bedtime reading is the close bond that can be formed. Tucking the children into bed and dimming the lights can create a soothing, cozy atmosphere in which you can both relax. The intimate setting can help your children to open up to you about whatever may be on their minds thereby forming a trust that can last for a lifetime.​

Generally it only requires 15 to 20 minutes of your time to read a story to your children or a chapter or two of a book each night. It is an investment of your time and energy that you will never regret and will pay great dividends for a long time.​

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