Magic Hair Company Hair Products -Restore Your Own Hair and Extensions!

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Magic Hair Company

Does your extensions or natural hair look like they have seen better days? Are you looking for premium quality hair products for hair extensions and/or 100% percent human or natural hair? Well then, look no further than Magic Hair Company Hair Products! A line specifically created to care for such hair needs.

So what’s all in this haircare lineup? Four products that will help you style and bring your tresses back to their former glory. You’ll find shampoo and conditioner, an edge control as well as curl definer.

Nonetheless, as any natural-lista knows it’s not about what a product supposedly does; it’s what inside that counts. Does it contain harmful ingredients? Will it work on a wide range of hair types? We went to the source to get the skinny on this haircare collection.

Magic Hair Company Hair Products -Restore Your Own Hair and Extensions

Magic Hair Company

Alright, so straight from the mouth of Magic Hair Company, here is what this cool, LA-based collection can do for you! The hair brand says,

“Now available in our Culver City store and at We have specially created our very own shampoo and conditioner to use on human hair extensions and natural hair. They are antioxidant and keratin protein enriched; made with the best: soy protein, sage and coconut. And of course, they are sulfate and paraben free.

Don’t forget to also pick up our curl definer and amplifier. The curl definer will leave your hair perfectly defined and smelling great. The curl definer is made with the best jojoba seed oil and sunflower extract. 

Magic Hair Company

                             Before and After Using Curl Definer Amplifier

Our edge tamer will lay your edges down without being greasy or flaking. The edge control is a made with shea butter, olive oil, and aloe vera. This product will work on all hair types and last all day. Trust [us] when [we] say this is the best edge tamer ever.

We now include a spray bottle with all in-store purchases of our amazing curl definer. We will also include the spray bottle with all online purchases of our full product line. [Additional] product line details can be found in the link.”

Magic Hair Company

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