Beauty Insider: MAC Studio Waterweight Collection -Available Now

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MAC Studio Waterweight

MAC Cosmetics just hit us with another fab release! The MAC Studio Waterweight collection is for the person who wants to bring sexy back, naturally. If you wish to deviate a bit from heavy contour and highlighting then you will absolutely love this new line.

What’s all in it? The collection boasts a new foundation, pressed powder as well as concealer. Here is a quick cheat sheet about MAC Studio Waterweight; like shade range along with pricing details. Nevertheless, never forget that MAC often has price variations according to the region you live in. So then, use the following numbers as a base, but hit up the online store to ensure you know the correct price. Here we go:

  • Studio Waterweight Powder/Pressed (11 shades) $36.00
  • Studio Waterweight Concealer (16 shades) $23.00
  • Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation (23 shades) $35.00

Beauty Insider: MAC Studio Waterweight Collection

MAC Studio Waterweight

Alright, now that we know what the collection consists of, it is natural to wonder: what all can it do? Buying makeup because it looks good is only half the battle, consumers also just want a slew of beauty benefits period. MAC has worked on this latest collection and recently spilled a large amount of details. In regards to the MAC Studio Waterweight collection the cosmetics brand explains,

“The Mac studio waterweight collection includes a concealer, foundation and pressed powder. Offering lightweight coverage that feels like your own skin. Finally perfect the ‘no make up’ make up look! The Mac studio waterweight collection is ultra hydrating and gravity defying now with even more options.

MAC Studio Waterweight

The Mac studio waterweight concealer provides buildable coverage in an ultra fluid formula. With the dropper applicator, you can use as much or as little of the max studio waterweight concealer as you need with perfect precision. Starting with an even skin tone allows you to take your more adventurous make up looks to new heights! The Mac studio waterweight concealer comes in 16 shades so you can get it just right.

MAC Studio Waterweight

The new concealer from the collection feels as light as a cloud and provides as much coverage as you crave. Moreover, it hydrates and gently diffuses the appearance of imperfections and helps reduce the appearance of under eye circles, dark spots and discoloration.

MAC Studio Waterweight

Lastly, the Mac studio waterweight pressed powder provides creamy yet elastic coverage with a Cashmere soft finish. Pair it with the foundation and concealer and you’re all set! The foundation offers sheer medium coverage and has SPF 30. Chat with an artist at to learn more.”

Sounds like MAC is helping to usher in the “au natural” trend. The collection is available now and you can locate in stores as well as online. Happy shopping loves!

MAC Studio Waterweight

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MAC Studio WaterweightMAC Studio Waterweight