Loza Tam -Your Luxury Stop for Satin-Lined Hair Accessories!

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Loza Tam

Naturals, and black hair enthusiasts… Meet Loza Tam! A new, black-owned brand of luxury; satin-lined hair accessories in everyday-wear-meets-hair-care. That are ALL guaranteed to protect and restore your summer tresses – in style!

Don’t think hair protection is a big deal? Uhm… think again! Failure to protect strands from such elements as the sun, weather or even our pillow cases; can lead to damage. Damage means less growth, breakage and even dull, lifeless strands.

Don’t become a hair victim. Start protecting your hair as much as you can and with the help of LT products and accessories; you can do so in style! Read on to learn more about their super chic and glam hair items.

Loza Tam -Your Luxury Stop for Satin-Lined Hair Accessories

Who is this brand and what can you expect from them? We got the details and hair skinny from this amazing hair label themselves. In regards, to their fab hair garb Loza Tam reveals,

“Inspired by the time-tested tradition of hair wrapping, Loza Tam’s new collection offers a gorgeous array of pre-knotted turbans, head wraps, bonnets and signature elasticized headbands for various hair types – all handmade to nourish hair. You can easily add some flair to your curl-care with Loza’s Insta-worthy hues, electric metallics and tropical prints, or pair it with your favorite sunnies, shouldered users or vintage gems.

Made out of 100% Dutch wax cotton, these multi-functional hair accessories also provide style and comfort while traveling (especially for textured hair types). Plus, the ultra soft, satin-lining cocoons the hair to protect against breakage and harmful sun rays, while naturally locking in moisture for low-porosity, and combating dryness. The chic and gentle design is great for makeup application and can even help maintain your ‘do overnight, so you can wake up to frizz-free locks – thanks to Loza Tam.

Our products are sure to give women the extra boost to their hair routine, or make the easy transition from day to play – either way, it’s the ultimate style saver this season!”

Want to give this brand a try? You can purchase their products directly from their online store. Their online addy is: www.lozatam.com. Happy shopping loves!

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