Louis Vuitton Escale Neverfull MM Tie Dye Tote on Cardi B -Ask and Tell

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Louis Vuitton Escale Neverfull MM


The Item: Cardi B took a moment to soak in the sun and show off her designer handbag that is right on trend for the summer season. The Louis Vuitton Escale Neverfull MM Monogram Tote is an instant attention grabber thanks to the super hot tie dye trend.

You Asked: That bag that bag please I NEED that bag! I can clearly see that it is Louis Vuitton but do you know the name of it? Please that will make it so much easier to find online. Thank you!

Louis Vuitton Escale Neverfull MM Tie Dye Tote on Cardi B -Ask and Tell



The Verdict: Hi there! Thank you for slipping into our DMs with an awesome fashion inquiry! We too love Cardi B’s bag and we will even do you one better. Not only do we have the name for you, but we will even hit with the price. Let’s go!

As you mentioned, Cardi’s luxe bag is by highend couture label Louis Vuitton. If searching for this bag online, search for the LV Escale Neverfull MM Autres Toiles Monogram in Rose. Online you will find the Cardi’s particular bag’s style color is also sold as Red or Rouge.

Furthermore, if you are not feeling the color there are other colorways to choose from. This fun handbag also comes in Bleu and an ultra chic Pastel. So plenty of options to choose from. Moreover, another cool feature to this item besides BOLD color is in the design itself. Simply tighten the laces and this versatile tote bag becomes a smaller, stylish city bag!

Nevertheless, as promised we said we would talk price with you. So let’s get to the big time ticket. If you want to get Cardi’s bag be prepared to dole out $2, 170.



BONUS: Why buy designer just to mess it up? Care for your bag and you will look fabulous for years to come. In regards to this tote Louis Vuitton suggests, “To preserve the beauty of your product, please prevent any contact with oil or alcohol-based substances such as hand sanitizers, cosmetics, perfumes or disinfectants.

Hope that answered your fashion question! If you or a style obsessed gal pal has one they would like to ask give us a follow on Instagram, slide into our DMs and ask away.




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