Lots of Disappointments Coming Out of NFL Week 13

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Lots of Disappointments Coming Out of NFL Week 13-2

We were treated to three NFL games on Thanksgiving Day and it appeared that the winners came to play and the losers didn’t bother to show up. Seattle beat San Francisco by a score of 19 to 3, but I still am not convinced the Seahawks are back to their Super Bowl form. It was more that the 49ers were playing like crap and Colin Kaepernick has absolutely regressed.

There is talk of Coach Jim Harbaugh being traded at the end of the season. The 49ers are in disarray and not playing well, but that’s no reason to crown the Seahawks who I would still rate as an average team at this point.

The other turkey day games were equally disappointing.

The Bears have a lot of talent but it just doesn’t show up on the field on game days. The Cowboys got spanked by the Eagles even though they were playing at Jerry World. I haven’t checked the stats, but I wonder if the Cowboys are one of the worst home teams in the league, it certainly doesn’t seem to be an advantage for them. At any rate, the Eagles were able to keep DeMarco Murray in check and Tony Romo wasn’t able to put the team on his bad back and get a win.

I swear Phillip Rivers has nine lives, I thought for sure the Ravens had the game in the bag; Rivers of course had other ideas. Every time I try to write off the Chargers they pull out a tough win. If they get into the playoffs, they are probably going to be a pain in somebody’s neck. On the other hand they may flame out the rest of the season and not even sniff the playoffs. They are just too unpredictable at this point.

Lots of Disappointments Coming Out of NFL Week 13-3

The same could be said for the Pittsburgh Steelers who let the Saints beat them at Heinz Field. The Saints lost three straight home games and somehow go on the road and beat a playoff contender. How does that happen? I don’t know who the Steelers are and I don’t think they know either. They should thank the Chargers for taking down their division rivals, the Baltimore Ravens and keeping the AFC North battle a tight one.

The Oakland Raiders…just…damn.

I wonder if the Denver Broncos are growing running backs on trees. It seems like every time one of their running backs goes down they just plug another one in who rushes for a bunch of yards. Lucky for them that they can do that because Peyton Manning seemed somewhat off his game playing against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Well, I guess the Browns are going to hook their wagon to Jonny Manziel even though it has been Brian Hoyer who has helped them to a winning season for the first time in a while. Why bench the guy that has taken you to the dance in favor of an unproven rookie? The only logical answer is, it’s the Browns and they enjoy shooting themselves in the foot. In my opinion, if they stick with the rookie, they can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye and it will be their own idiotic, knee-jerk reaction, fault.

Lots of Disappointments Coming Out of NFL Week 13