Look Deeper Get Acquainted With The Real You

You Are Beautiful Just As You Are
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When your spirit is low, take ten minutes and stand in front of the mirror. Look beyond your face and into your own eyes. What do you see? Are you comforted by the reflection or are you grieved?

Sometimes, the mirror reflects what we think, most often times, it reflects how we feel. Most of us don’t look at our reflections long enough to see the beauty that lies within. We see imperfections and either turn away or immediately begin to criticize ourselves. This process of turning away or criticizing robs us of the opportunity to see what’s really there, the beauty of you!

However, if you look past the imperfections and past the bad hair day hair, past the blemishes and the scars, if you look into your own eyes long enough you will begin to see the beauty that we were all created with, the beauty of your spirit!

I hear you, “Ha, what beauty?” But it is there, don’t turn away, just keep looking! Eventually, if you look long enough and deep enough, it will appear. At first, you may see just a glimmer, or just a flash, but then, as if by magic, your beauty will appear. It will smile back at you and say “you are beautiful and quite enough, exactly the way you are“.

Beautiful Black Woman

Get in tune with your spirit. It knows the real you! Look deeper and get acquainted with the real you. Not the one that you were told that you needed to be, but the one that you were created to be.

The truth is, the same one who created you, created the sun, the moon and the stars. He made the flowers too, would He not make you beautiful? Your true beauty is who you are, not what you look like and it starts on the inside and radiates to the outside.

In order for others to see it, you must first recognize it and give it permission to reveal itself to the world! Don’t be afraid, look deeper!

One other thing, true beauty, when it radiates from the inside, projects that beauty onto everything it comes in contact with. It has the ability to change hearts, minds, intentions and soothe the savage beast. Look deeper, it is there, in you and waiting to be revealed. Look deeper and you will see, you are beautiful and quite enough, just the way you are!

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