Lizzo For Urban Decay Cosmetics Stay Naked Collection Ad Campaign

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Lizzo For Urban Decay Cosmetics Stay Naked

She’s a singer, rapper and actress. With an a resume such as that one could not help but be impressed. However, Lizzo is not slowing down in the building of her empire; the triple threat just scored her very first makeup collaboration! Won’t he do it though? Look out because Lizzo For Urban Decay Cosmetics Stay Naked Ad Campaign is REAL and HAPPENING!

Lizzo For Urban Decay Cosmetics Stay Naked Ad Campaign

So what does it feel like? Lizzo opened up online to her fans as well as to VOGUE Beauty in regards to her work with Urban Decay. Lizzo states,

“Feeling so blessed because I got WAY too much to post and not enough time. Can I get an Amen? For my first makeup collab?! Urban Decay Cosmetics Stay Naked Foundation! If you feel the most beautiful when you’re naked; everything else is just an option.

Growing up, you see the beautiful faces in makeup campaigns and just hope to be one of them. The fact that you can now see a brown face with a double chin and natural big curls on a billboard representing beauty is a big; big, big deal. I want all kinds of people to see themselves in my face.”

As one can see, Lizzo is very proud of her partnership with cosmetics brand Urban Decay; and is looking forward to showing off their new products. Nevertheless, didn’t we also mention about her being an actress?

Lizzo also reveals that she will be in the upcoming Hustlers movie starring Keke Palmer and JLO. However, Lizzo says filming was a toughy. Regarding set life Lizzo states,

“I was so sick with the flu while filming I was shivering in-between takes and had a doctore come to set and give me a shot of B12. Sheeesh. Hard work pays off though!”

It sure does Lizzo! We see you doing your thing. Glad you are feeling better and hope for your continued success!

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